The contemporary eyewear renaissance!

Everything that’s old becomes new again. This statement can never be truer than in the fashion world. A little tweak here, a modern element there – and behold, you’ve the latest fad of the year!

This season is big on style hybrids. The current eyewear shapes and styles are taking a page out of the past era’s (look) book. Retro-vintage style glasses are all the rage now, and it is easy to understand why. With classic styling and face-flattering shapes, these pieces characterize a 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s look.

With style icons like Johnny Depp blazing fashion trails, eyewear for men has never stopped being a favourite accessory of the fashion world. Here is a list of the best comebacks in retro fashion glasses for men!

Metal frames

Metal frames have made a huge come back from retro to current fashion styles. Men enjoy the slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames compared to other materials. The most common type is titanium frames, which is a lightweight, easily adjustable choice of eyewear. They are particularly good for thin frames, such as round and rectangular shapes.

Round Frames

Eyewear fashion comes full circle! Round frames have made a serious comeback. Featuring metal shapes that pay a nod to the 70’s, and smaller frames channeling the 90’s grunge look, wearing these is like an act of simple rebellion against unwanted opulence.

D-shaped Frames

What a comeback they have made! The style is becoming more and more popular because of their retro feel and masculine character. The D frame is closely linked to the 1950s and has a nostalgic appeal. This frame can be found in vibrant acetates and titanium, sometimes paired with subtle designs. Theyy particularly flatter gentlemen with round faces.

Oversized Aviators

Aviator styled glasses never left the fashion scene, however the the typical shap has gone through some transformations overtime. From 2016 onwards, we have seen the rise of modern over-sized aviators. Even though they still manifest the classic teardrop shaped lens, they’re slightly big and large. And that makes them stand out  even more!

Heavy Browline Sunglasses


The special thing about browline glasses is the strongly emphasized upper frame, mostly made of plastic, complemented with the thinner metal frames in the lower part of the glasses. The contemporary versions of the model feature a more obvious brow line.  It is a very classic sunglass model, but can also been worn on the beach and never looks old-fashioned or too posh to be worn for sports.

Square-shaped Wayfarers

Wayfarers became immensely popular in the 50s and 60s when advances in plastic technology allowed the distinctive moulded frames to be easily produced. These frames have some seriously cool credentials, with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson being fans of the look. Now, wayfarer style glasses are an easy way to add some vintage chic to your look.

Present day models are inspired by the original wayfarer cool, but slightly slender and combining variations like horn rimmed frames.

Flat-brow Frames

The top metallic brow bar is a variation of the original flat brow style. Now they have turned into a chic modern form. The rectangular frame hints of a slightly rounded shape, making it quite charismatic. They are sleeker than they ever looked in the 80’s or 90’s, and rightly qualify to be one of the coolest men’s eyewear.

Also dubbed as the Navigator sunglasses, this fresh new style carries the essence of metallic aviators. With their boost of confidence, you can’t help but feel as good as you look when you’re wearing them.

Tortoise shell and Horn-rimmed styles

 A huge vintage revival is taking place when it comes to tortoise frames – and no man should miss out on it! With their classic yellow, honey, brown and black speckled look, these beautiful frames are back in full force.

We can safely tell you that tortoise shell is the new black for men. Compared to any other solid colour frame, tortoise shell frames are much softer on the face and will complement your features better!


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