Commemorating the Sunglasses Day

Each new day is a reason to rejoice, and with the ‘International Sunglasses Day’ today, it just further adds on to our rationale to revel.Sunglasses Day

27 June, every year, is marked and celebrated as the Sunglasses Day around the world to honor these valuable accessories.

For us, this day comes amid the hot summers with the blindingly bright sun smiling down at us, and that gives us even more reasons to thank and glorify this fancy summer accessory.

fancy summer accessory

A pair of sunglasses is essential on a blazing sunny day to prevent us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. But now with all the celebrity sway on our lifestyles and a vast variety of stylish pairs to choose from, they have come a long way from being just a mere functional accessory to being more of a snazzy item.

They hold the power to make or break a person’s image and say a lot about us and our personal style. So in honor of the Sunglasses Day, let’s look back at some of the trendsetting iconic styles from the yesteryears.

Cat-eye syndrome


Cat-eye sunglasses provided that much desired catty look to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, the classic divas of the international entertainment industry. Right from the 1950s till 2014, the love for this sharp-edged shape hasn’t withered away.

Going roundRound sunglasses

We feel cool when today we step out with a pair of John Lennon inspired Tee shades, but little do we know that the round sunglasses were commonly used back in the 1960s. They came in to the limelight in the 1960s when the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of the 35th President of the United States of America, wore them in public. They were out of vision for quite some years, but are back with a bang.

Fly high with Aviators


Made for the U.S. fighter pilots and for their difficult air pressure times in the skies, Aviators have enjoyed an iconic status like no other style has. From Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise, to Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, Aviator sunglasses have been an all-time favorite.

Funky Wayfarer

Funky Wayfarer

This classic design was a cult in the 50s and 60s. One of the best-selling styles from the history, the Wayfarers are trending high even in the 21st century. They suit just about every face type and have been a personal favorite with celebrities like Pharell and Rihanna.

Cool Clubmasters

Cool Clubmasters

These hip and happening sunnies gained popularity in the year 2000 with the TV series Mad Men. Hotties like Beyonce and Kate Moss are spotted in these swish sunnies time and again.

But till date, even with so many inventions and creations, nothing has been able to take away the charm and the allure off from these ancient pieces.


This is one of the first inventions of sunglasses, introduced by designer James Avscough in 1752.

Interestingly, the sunglasses were initially not used to block the harmful rays of the sun but for the judges to conceal their eye expressions during their court sessions.

The blue and green corrective lenses were then later introduced for correcting the optical impairments.


Nevertheless, we owe a lot to the inventors of this timeless creation.

So, this Sunglasses Day, let us all celebrate these amazing and fabulous pairs, which don’t only add the right dose of brightness to our life but also the right amount of spice to our look.

Happy Sunglasses Day!



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