Colour me up

“With my sunglasses on, I am a star. Without them, I’m fat and 60,” revealed famous actor and director Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicolson

Planning for a day out with your girls’ gang and puzzled because you don’t know what to wear? Put on a chic dress, and make a messy bun, style it with your voguish sunglasses, and you are done to dazzle all with those-ultra-cool looks. But wait! What colour glasses are you sporting?

Coloured sunglasses

“How does it matter?” Is that what you’re thinking! The devotees of fashion will understand why I am emphasizing on the colour of your shades. Not every dress can be worn everywhere, right? Then how can one pair of sunglasses go with all the activities of your day-to-day life.

Colourful sunglasses

Bubbly blue, gorgeous green, rosy red and the list goes on, but which shade to choose? Okay! Now stop worrying and let’s start from the start. With many activities being a part of our schedule, we obviously need to know about the apt shades of glasses as per those activities.


This soothing colour of nature is perfect for those living in hot terrains, specially the Asian countries. Green goggles are ideal for all outdoor activities. especially when you are out in extreme sun or rain as these coloured glasses cut down the glare and provide great contrast.

Green colour shades

Best for: All outdoor activities like golf, biking, driving et al.

Brown and Amber

Being a close sibling of chocolate colour, these shades have been adorned by handsome pilots for years. Providing the best contrast, these shades are ideal for a partly cloudy or sunny weather.


Best for: Cycling, Deep Sea Diving and while Biking and cycling in a low vision area, Driving during night.


Yellow-yellow is no more a dirty fellow. This colour has always been targeted by the shooters. Great in clarity and focus, yellow tinted glasses are ideal for all the adventurous souls stepping out in low light conditions like, hazy mornings or foggy evenings.


Best for: Skiing, Tennis, shooting, Mountain biking.

Blue and Purple

‘The choice one’ among all the fashionistas! These shades turn your sunglasses to a swanky accessory. Don these shades when want to entice the fashion-police in misty weather.


Best for: Golf players and spectators. Don them and grab the VIP row for spectators.


This fashion-neutral shade is the best pick for the light-sensitive souls. Great for general usage, this shade is anti-fatigue and reduces glare. Put on your grey sunglasses on sunny and overcast days to enjoy water sports without any worry.

Best for: Diving, basketball, tennis, water-sports

Pink and Red

These pretty pink and romantic red shades of glasses render best contrast against green background. Oh-so-extremely-soothing, these shades are perfect for cloudy days.


Best for: Cycling, Racing, especially in snow.


So Adams and Eves now when you know it all, I hope that you will make a perfect choice of shades for yourself. Put them on and style your way to glory. And yeah…don’t forget to wink at yourself in mirror. 😉

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