In clear focus – Lenskart’s drive to remove India’s blind capital tag

There was a dream and a vision. The idea was to touch as many lives as possible. With the objective of turning this dream into reality, Lenskart was born in 2010!

It is a disturbing fact that about 40% of the blind population of the world resides in India. Moreover, there are many people in our country who need spectacles but do not wear them, and the ones who do wear specs do not wear good quality ones. There is an obvious neglect of proper eye care. In the majority of cases, ignorance is accompanied with poverty. Unfortunately, a staggering population of our country cannot afford standard eyewear.

Against this backdrop, Lenskart envisages a solution to India’s eye care problem. At the same time, it is making a huge effort to redefine the way eyewear is perceived by the general public. Today, spectacles are not only an essential companion but also reflect our personality.

Lenskart showcases a diverse range of eyewear to suit every style and persona. The focus is not only on fashion, it is also catering to the budget of various sections of our population. The company’s focus on local manufacturing supported by top-notch technology enables customers to get high quality, affordable and trendy eyewear. Lenskart is making the best efforts to break the barriers of purchasing eyewear through its online platform and its stores.

The foundation of Lenskart lies in the confidence of its customers. Since its inception, it has struck a chord with young, new age consumers. The pioneering initiatives of Lenskart such as the ‘Free Home Eye Check Up’ or ‘Free Home Trial’ are a testimony to the vision of its founder. The emphasis is on winning consumer confidence and trust by offering avant-garde services to them. In a very short span of time, Lenskart has been able to establish itself as an unprecedented and copper-bottomed platform for eyewear in India.


The prime idea is to reach out to as many people as possible. The emphasis is on accessibility, affordability, consumer services and satisfaction. Products are made available at honest prices and delivered to the customers eliminating all middlemen. It has initiated some ground breaking innovations with respect to glasses in India. The Home Eye Check-up feature helps people book a personal optician at the comfort of their home. The anti-reflective lenses improve vision, reduce eye strain, and even make the eyeglasses look more attractive. Moreover, the spectacles come with a one year warranty which was previously unheard of in India. All these measures are a delightful treat for our precious eyes.

Lenskart particularly deserves credit for building a well-grounded supply chain that aims to cut down all intermediaries. There is a strong integration between the online and offline channels. Whether you walk into a Lenskart store or select a product online, you are assured of an amazing buying experience which takes your satisfaction level one step ahead. You wouldn’t want to let go such an escapade in time!

The brand is not only catering to the eye care problems in the country but also creating a base for employment. It has aligned itself well with the policies of the government like ‘Stand Up India’ and ‘Skill India’. Lenskart values sound business ethics and has created a wonderful work culture which allows people the space and freedom to grow personally and professionally. The founder of the company makes time to appreciate his employees for their sincerity and hard work and in turn, encourages them to push the limits and look beyond the horizon. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an amicable and grounded atmosphere?

Despite the enormous challenges of starting a business in India, Lenskart has made a mark for itself. The company believes in value creation against all odds. Buying eyeglasses has never been so much fun and convenient. Be it a small child or an adult, a teacher or a student,  romantic at heart or realist, there is a pair of glasses for each one of you! There is an eyewear for every occasion too.

The logo of Lenskart speaks volumes about its brand values. Infinity blends with limitless styles. There is not much to worry about as there is an eyewear for every budget. Lenskart has certainly brought about a revolution in the market of eyewear. People have responded positively and therein lies the strength of this brand.

The journey of Lenskart has been fraught with myriad challenges. However, the noble cause of providing good eye care services has kept it going and it continues to strive for panache. You are free to pick up your frames and give wings to the power of your eyes. Lenskart welcomes you with open arms!


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