Celebs who’ve grown up with glasses

You’ve idealized them; grooved to their tunes; laughed with them; cried with them… But one thing that you may not have noticed, amid all their laudable works, is their passion for eyewear!

These celebrities have not just wooed by their works of art, be it acting or singing, but also by their personal style – and I wouldn’t hesitate in calling them the EYEcons of their times. Take a look:

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp with tinted eyeglasses

Johnny Depp with tinted eyeglasses has featured in the cover page of many fashion magazines. Have you ever wondered why he is so much in love with these tinted beauties? One reason is his weak left eyesight for sure, but we can’t ignore the fact that tinted glasses have already become his trademark symbol. And, we just cannot move ahead without mentioning his never-ending love for round eyeglasses.


madonna 1

Madonna: Then & Now

Madonna has a long relation with eyeglasses dating back to the 80s. If you feel that eyeglasses are just a necessity for her, then you must have a look at her daughter’s eyeglasses that is very much inspired by her mother’s 80s’ look. Her glasses’ look has followers not just across the world but also at her home.



Madonna & her daughter

Elton John

Elton John’s Glasses

250,000 glasses till now and still the passion for eyeglasses is at its peak! You may be finding it an imaginative figure, but believe us, it is a true story of the famous English composer and singer Elton John. His flamboyant glasses have always managed to be in headlines among fashion tabloids. If you are thinking that his craze for eyeglasses is limited only to maintaining a huge glasses’ collection, then you are slightly mistaken. It has also extended to his artistic life, and in 1997 he premiered a play named as ‘Elton John’s Glasses’.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

The ‘Alias’ fame American actress is a perfect example of those who accepted their weak eyesight gracefully with funky eyeglasses. Even though wearing eyeglasses since her childhood days, this Hollywood diva has enjoyed a glorious acting career till date. Her damsel-like look with glasses has already given sleepless nights to men across the world.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

She is one of those Hollywood divas who never feel shy while flaunting glasses at social functions. She has always been in news not just for her diverse roles in movies, but also for her scintillating look with eyeglasses. This modern sex symbol dares to come out with eyeglasses on and has become an inspiration for many.

You don’t just age with glasses, but the fun starts when you start living with them! With so many glasses styles to own and a long list of celebrities to inspire, there are more reasons to indulge in them.




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