Celeb-inspiration: The 5 starry looks you must try

Gone are the cold winter days and warm afternoon sun, say hello to the sweltering heat and the warm winds that follow. Although summer months drain you off your energy and make you feel dog tired at the end of the day, there are quite a few things to look forward to. Fashion icons vouch for this season as they feel you can flaunt just about anything. From cool summery dresses to matching accessories there are in abundance. Out of the lot, I personally prefer the eyewear on the shelves this season. Why you ask? Well, apart from their obvious functional use of protecting our eyes from the sun, what fascinates me about sunglasses is the fact that they have the ability to change one’s look drastically and that too in a matter of seconds. To look fabulous, all you need to do is to don a chic pair of sunglasses and you can go from looking drab to absolutely fab!

No one flaunts sunglasses better than our celebs who have mastered the trick over time.

Let’s have a dekho!

Go round and round

round shape sunglasses


Prefer to stand out from the crowd? How about some vintage, round-shaped sunglasses! Take your cue from the stylish Sonam Kapoor who has one pair for every occasion. Out here, the fashion icon teams a pleated skirt with retro vibe! My verdict – go for it!

Flatter your face with over-sized sunglasses

over size sunglasses

If there is one celebrity who knows how to rock over-sized sunglasses perfectly, it’s none other than Paris Hilton. I adore her sense of style, especially those over-sized sunglasses that she carries with aplomb. These sunglasses are perfect for protecting the eyes and the sensitive skin area around them from the harmful UV rays. So, the next time you plan on a long day out in the sun, you know what eyewear to opt for!

Officially yours

Aviator sunglasses

I am a huge fan of Bollywood biggie Deepika Padukone. She is one lady who dares to be different and carries herself with elegance. Give her anything and she will find the perfect match for it. Padukone has grown as an actress and her fashion sense too has evolved with time. The picture above is a testimony to that. The Aviator sunglasses give a classy finishing to her casual attire at the airport.

Casual is the new in

black shades

She might be known for her funky outfits on-stage, but off it, songstress Katy Perry likes to keep it casual and simple. This dressed down look of hers; especially with the black shades, make her look care-free and relaxed. Not a bad look for a lazy Sunday. What say?

Funk it up with bright frames

Blue rim wayfarer

Tired of the conventional? Go the Jessica Alba way and opt for frames in fun hues that represent your personality. Here’s a cheat-sheet that could come in handy: for a bubbly personality, opt for an orange frame that represents your fun side, or go for a fiery red if you are the passionate kinds; similarly choose a colour that best represents the inner you!

Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed the celeb-spotting as much I have. Let’s rock with our best shades and look uber-stylish this season!

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