Why you can’t drop your sunglasses in rains

Ah, the monsoons! Rains, breeze, long drives, roadside chai, paper boats, photography and the lush green trees. It’s good to breathe now. What’s also fun is reworking the wardrobe for this wonderful season.

Whites, summer colours and sheers are not going to work in the splashy season.


Monsoon is all about bright colours and trendy accessories. While you do pile up on jewellery now, that the simmering heat is gone, an advice – keep your sunglasses on!


There’s no outfit that isn’t a little more complete with a pair of sunglasses. They just don’t add an oomph factor but also puts you in the league of those fashionistas.


Exactly how, Dakota Fanning with her umbrella and reflective sunglasses is all set for monsoon.


And Kendall Jenner is setting some serious monsoon goals with her aviators!

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With these black wayfarers it looks like Kim Kardashian is inviting us for an after rain walk!

But, apart from fanning style all over the place, what these celebrities with sunglasses are also doing is protecting their eyes. The point I’m trying to make is that even during rains, you cannot drop your sunglasses. Why?

Just like its day after every night, the sun shines after every rain and even if it does not, water reflects huge amount of UV radiations. And haven’t we heard so much about what these radiations do to your naked eyes? So, keep your eyes covered all the time.

Avoid the glare and be ready for compliments this monsoon. Look at this comparison with polarized lens on right and non-polarized lens on left. The former is clearer, displays better and brighter colours with improved contrasts.


With sunglasses on, you can enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you with a clearer vision. Plus, they are of great help while driving. You will see the droplets on the window, but the sheet of falling rain is eliminated. To be precise, you are 1/3rd second faster than the ones not wearing them.


Isn’t it amazing! How you can be all snazzy and safe with the sunglasses during monsoon? Now that you know the extra merits of sunglasses, don’t leave home without your pair.

Step up from that comfortable chair and enjoy the showers, because you have your protectors on!


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