Breaking down the eyewear stereotypes

Glasses make faces!

Gone are the days when public’s perception of eyeglasses & the people who wear them were stereotyped. From an Ugly Betty or a Jassi, to Naina (aka Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani) and Sabrina (aka Vidya Balan in No One Killed Jessica), may have somehow tried to add that hint of simplicity, geekiness or even ugliness to the characters with specs, but there are numerous cases to prove that eyeglasses are indeed a fashionistas favourite accessory, and that it’s time to break the stereotypes attached to specs wearers.

After all, ‘Specsy’ is the new adjective for all the haute people out there! Isn’t it?

men women eyeglasses

Here’s my take on busting the common myths about the bespectacled.

Geek is the new chic

thick rimmed spectacle frames

How do we normally perceive a ‘geek’? They’re often depicted with thick rimmed frames, formal shirts, weird looking sweater vests and, of course, someone who lacks socials skills.

geek culture

But with the increased popularity of the geek culture, somehow everyone’s perspective of what geeky looks like has changed. Today, the thick rimmed eyeglasses, which were famously tagged to geeks, have become downright trendy & chic, making them the ‘it’ accessory.

thick rimmed eyeglasses


cat-eye spectacles

There was a time when cat-eye styles were popularly associated with librarians. They were depicted as women who are old, tie a high bun with a perpetual frown on their face & would don the cat-eye spectacles.


Well, not anymore. Lately, this retro-inspired eyewear shape is perfect for ladies who want to add a little whimsy character to their looks. The upswept style is no longer tied to your typical ‘librarian’ look. They are the eyeglasses which will truly complement & complete your ultra-stylish look.

retro-inspired eyewear shape

No more the 4-eyed nerd

Women Eyeglasses

Do you remember how, in school, the bespectacled kid was always tagged as nerdy or studious? Or that shabbily clad office colleague with outdated eyeglasses? ‘Behenji’ became a common label. Didn’t it? But, it’s time to grow up a little and open our eyes to the bespectacled beauties.

we love eyeglasses

Designers & fashionistas all over the world are shattering the ‘nerdy’ images by making eyeglasses a trendy accessory. While the obvious reason remains the same, which is to correct one’s vision, spectacles have transcended to become an excellent way to express your style statement; nothing speaks more about individuality than eyeglasses.

range of eyeglasses

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