We bet you didn’t know all of these before.

Not only difficult, it is impossible to find a person who doesn’t love things simplified. One of the major reasons for ‘Industrial Revolutions’ has been a want for simpler and easier lives.

Since times immemorial, it has been a tough task to comprehend difficult words, terms, languages, patterns and what not, unless someone explained in simpler words.

To deal with this problem, I thought I’d makes your life easier by simplifying the complicated eye related terms. Here you go:

  • Hypermetropia – It is a condition commonly known as far-sightedness and the person, who has this condition, will not be able to see things, that are close by, clearly. Hypermetropia occurs when the eye lens focuses light rays after retina. An easy way to remember this term is to relate it with the long name. Long name and a farsighted person connect, don’t they?

  • Myopia – Commonly known as near-sightedness, this condition doesn’t let people see far off objects clearly. Myopia occurs when the eye lens focuses light rays before retina.

  • Astigmatism – It is a refractive error in which the eye lens fails to obtain a single focal point, either before retina or after retina. It leads to a blur vision to some degree at all distances.

  • Optometrists – Informally known as opticians, optometrists are people that are trained to examine the eyes for various defects, signs of injury and they can also hint at abnormalities and problems with general health, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. They are not eye doctors, but they are the friends who help us find out what’s wrong with our eyes!

  • Ophthalmologists – These are the real magicians who help us know why something is wrong with our eyes and how it can be treated. They specialise in medical and surgical care of the eyes. Now you can flaunt with the word ‘ophthalmologist’ instead of referring to him as ‘eye doctor’. Doing what everybody else does is too mainstream, isn’t it?

  • Lorgnette – These are spectacles that come with a long handle to hold them in place. Back in times, they were used as a piece of jewellery instead of enhancing vision. Seems like they knew it from the beginning, Specsy is the new sexy.

  • Pince-nez – These are a type of eyeglasses which gained popularity in the 19th The best way to remember their name is to connect it to pinching. The ones that pinch the nose to fit, are pince-nez.

  • Tunnel Vision – This is one thing which is not as fancy as it sounds but the name aligns with the meaning completely. When a person loses peripheral vision and retains only central vision, he/she is said to be suffering from Tunnel Vision!

I think, we’ve given you enough to ponder upon for a month now, we will be back with a comprehensive list to make your lives easier! Till then, don’t forget to flaunt your knowledge.

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