Best make-up tips for eyewear addicts

Best make-up tips for eyewear 

Whoever said you can’t wear make-up if you wear eyeglasses regularly? No more struggles while you want to step out looking all pretty and do not wish to wear the contacts that dry your eyes. In an interview with, renowned cosmetologist, Dr. Jamuna Pai, the Chairperson & Founder of Blush Clinics, shared a few tips on how to team your eyewear with your make-up without any hassles.

tips for eyewear addicts 

Dr. Jamuna Pai informs us that there is a direct relation between eyewear and dark circles and so, it is important to take utmost care of your dark circles if you want your eyes to look just as good in a pair of eyeglasses.

Here are a few tips that Dr. Jamuna Pai suggests you should follow if you want your eye make-up to compliment your eyewear.

 Bullet ImageEnsure that you treat any under eye bulges and dark circles before applying your make-up.

Bullet Image Applying a cream which contains Vitamin A and Iron will help reduce dark circles around the eyes.

Bullet Image Use eye concealers which help to hide any dark circles under your eyes.

Bullet Image Use a base red concealer first, instead of the black concealers which make the area around your eyes appear grey.

Bullet Image After applying a base red concealer, you can apply a normal foundation.

Bullet Image Wait for about 15 minutes before you slip on your glasses because under-eye make-up takes longer to dry.

Bullet Image For those of you who wear specs continuously, ensure that you use eye make-up remover twice, every day, even if it’s just an application of kohl (kajal), or mascara since the molecules around the eye are tougher than other areas of the face.


Tips on wearing Mascara effectively

Bullet Image When it comes to your Mascara, Dr. Jamuna Pai suggests that there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Bullet Image When applying Mascara, try and use a lighter shade if you’re going to wear a pair of eyeglasses also.

Bullet Image When removing your make-up, your mascara should be one of the first things you remove because the under-eye molecules are tougher to dissolve.

Bullet Image Be sure to only use moisturizing eye make-up remover pads for the best results in taking off your mascara successfully.

Bullet Image Brush downwards to clear all the mascara and then turn the pad and go anti-clockwise to make sure you remove it from all around the eyes.

So, now that you have the make-up maladies broken down for you by the expert herself, it’s time to look beautiful even while you wear your glasses.

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