Aviator Sunglasses – Ay Officer! Turn It On…

aviator sunglasses
Nothing turns me on better than anything when I see Cormac donning a pair of Ray-Ban Gunmetal Crystal Green Polarized Metal Sunglasses. With his most sought after Dutch height, an aquiline nose, broad sun beaten face and a strong jawline, I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend. But Cormac drools over snow white skin colour and average American height, that’s anything but me. It was only him who introduced me to the world famous brand of sunglasses Ray-Ban, and now it’s like I love this brand’s models stuffed in my wardrobe drawers.

Few of my readers perhaps won’t be aware of Ray-Ban, so I would get an induction here for my most preferred brand of rocking shades. As famous is the brand name (Ray-Ban) that famous is its frame style name (Aviator). Ray-Ban is a famous American brand of sunglasses that was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. Ironically the shades first designed in 1936 were for United States Army Air Corps, which soon were unleashed in public. The style got hooked on Hollywood stars too which crossed over the famous singers also. The world famous singers helped promoting Ray-Ban Aviator by doing music concerts while wearing the Aviator styled shades.

Aviator sunglasses are usually characterised by dark, often reflective lenses, which are designed with very thin metal frames, bayonet earpieces and flexible cable temple arms. Usually the shades carried only metallic temples, but now designers of this brand have gone bold and innovative, as you can see it their latest product line that displays sunglasses with mind blowing designs, plastic frames, varied tinge lenses and different frame colours. My guy gifted me at least 3 new series of Aviator shades each carrying design and colour different from other. Moreover, he loves me don each pair matching with my tees.

One biggest benefit which these shades give me is they come with highly protective lenses; the lenses are coated with fine film that filters or prevents 95% of harmful rays of sun which are UVA and UVB. I am strongly sensitive to sun fays and can never go out under sun without wearing shades. I tried several brands with multiple frame styles, but met only disappointment. The models did good job of saving my eyes, but what of my style quotient? Well, of this Cormac took care. He is a heart-swearing fashionista and wanted his girl to go high on fashion and style. Even though I had a good style quotient, but what Cormac did was highlighting what I already had got and accentuating what was subtle in me. While courting me, he gifted me each day of first month a brand new pair of Aviator shades as per my attire. What I love most about these Aviator shades is that they are worn by my most beloved actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Jim Carry, Taylor Lautner, Jonny Depp and Brad Pitt. I am a complete Hollywood girl with my guy resembling Hugh Jackman, so why would I not have chosen this style?

Since this post will be going to be published in an Indian site as guided by my publisher, so I would like to tell you from where you could get these shades. LensKart.com! The site is India’s biggest online portal where you get to see all the famous and also not-so-famous sunglasses brands with price ranging from expensive to cheap. The factors like its quick and easy delivery system, unhindered product return and cancellation policies and real cheap prices make this online portal everyone’s favourite.


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