Assorted moods=Assorted looks

Here I am with my bi-weekly dose of some advice and fun. This time I have no stories to tell, just want to say, if God’s really watching you, least you could do is be entertaining. Yes! To put it in simple words, change your look as per your mood and occasion by just changing your blinkers (a boring synonym-eyeglass) and some attitude.

God help those who help themselves. So with a little bit of effort on your part you can be the most versatile person your colleagues, friends and relatives have ever known.

Yes boss!

While in office, you have to go by the protocol (heard that word a lot? Protocol? eh..) So on that important board room meeting day, let’s keep the look strictly professional. A formal look for a professional mood. No matter even if you made the presentation last minute, you still need that bang on after effect. Don’t you?


Opt for simply simple pair. Like this pair of Ray-Ban frames, RX8712 1142. The rimless frame with a dash of red will make up for the loopholes and save you from the monster boss.

moods and eyeframes4


I am a movie buff!!

I loved Iron Man 3 — had Tony’s suit supported him a little more, the movie would have been splendid. Oops.. Focus!! So, I was saying that, on that relaxed movie day, when you are in that laid-back mood and you want to couch it away..

moods and eyeframes-001

..Go geeky with a wayfarer specs, a timeless beauty. Bound to be right, no matter that. How about Ray-Ban’s RB5184 2012? They are stylish, comfy and outgoing.

moods and eyeframes5

A lot can happen over a coffee..

So done with work? It’s time for some soothing sips… but you have just coffee in mind? Hop in your car and go to Elma’s Kitchen, I can assure you a refreshing cup of coffee and some yummy cupcakes to make your day.

moods and eyeframes1-001

Sit and refresh yourself. Wear something that will look trendy yet breezy and compliments that eased-out you. Ray-Ban’s RX5206 2479 for men and RX5242 5071 for women could be perfect choice for dripping in coffee and chocolate love.

moods and eyeframes2-001

Just like a water baby

Sun has beaten the good out of each one of us and with temperature on a rise.. All I can think of is water. Swimming pools and beaches… hmmpphh… Want to put the rejuvenating mode on?


Well, it’s time to take out your swim suit or trunks and swim like a mermaid. Why not take a classy cat eye to the poolside, if wearing spectacles is all that important! Ray-Ban’s RX5294 2000. Purrr in style by the poolside, along with the monochromatic fever.

moods and eyeframes6

Let your hair loose

Drained? Need to charge up? Enough off work, I have done my bit and it’s time to party hardest now. Friday and Saturday night calls for a celebration, after all you have earned it.  Be it a club or a pub, get all your worries washed in the booze fever and pamper the party diva in you.


Try out the studded John Jacobs ladies… N 1002 is simply an offbeat design perfect for the party feel. Even 110666, is a care free option, which is spunky and would accompany your ‘i-dance-like-a-diva’ mood too.

moods and eyeframes3-001

Well, that’s all for this time but I have a lot of fun in store for the coming weeks. In the end, they will be watching, conspiring, conniving and bitching. Do them a favor, give them a new & confident YOU each time to judge 😉

Image Courtesy: Goggle, Pinterest, Lenskart

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