Aryan contact lenses: Adding beauty to your eyes!!!

The God has shaped the beautiful world with astonishing exquisiteness and tenderness. Everything has its own aura of vibes associated with them. And to witness the awestruck beauty of the nature like gurgling waterfalls and quaint landscapes, we are gifted with eyes by the God. Eyes are considered the most beautiful part of the body and an exclusive gift of The God. Eyes, being the most susceptible and fragile sense, are affected by the change in the environment. Many of the diseases are associated with the eyes viz. Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, cataract are some of them. Realizing the need to save the precious gift of the almighty, the opticians came out with the revolutionary idea of eye lenses. Nowadays, it’s common amongst the youth to wear eye lenses and get rid of spectacles. These eye lenses are also making a commendable mark amongst the other fashion accessories.

If we arrange the discoveries in chronological order then we can see some great revolution in the eyewear designing and manufacturing. The thought of eye lenses was in fact introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1508. He also scribbled his findings about the effect of the lenses on corneal power in his book Codex of the eye, Manual D. Thomas Young had artificial eye lenses which he invented by affixing the water-filled lens on to his eyes. Later in 1845, Sir John Herschel gave two revolutionary ideas. The suggestion made by him is stated as that a sphere-shaped capsule of glass packed with animal jelly and cast of cornea can act as eye lens. Then a Hungarian scientist came up with his theory proposing a living human eye made mold as eye lenses. Afterwards a significant increase in manufacturing of the contact lenses, suited most to our eyes, has been seen. A German glassmaker F.E Muller developed the first eye covering which was clearer than others in the market at that time. However, all the credit was taken up by one man who made this invention a success, German ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick who gave the world a pair of first successful contact lens.

Eugen fick has  crafted central sclera contact lens which was fixed on less sensitive tissue rim a bit away but around the cornea. The one setback of the Fick’s lens was big size which after sometime will be unbearable to wear. Later in 1887, Louis J. Girard came up with some new designs for contact lenses. With the time modifications have been made on several levels, it was till 1930 when first plastic lens came into existence. William Fein bloom was the one who invented the first plastic eye lenses with the blend of glass and plastic. It was the year 1949, when the first corneal lenses, which can be used continuously for 16 hours, were designed. With the time and dawn of scientific innovations, the eye lenses design became even more urbane. The lenses designs have some setbacks like the passage of oxygen was not there which created some serious problems  to the users. Various adverse clinical impairments have also been seen due to this set back. Following setback was afterwards corrected by many companies and till today people are using contact lenses with style.

Migwang Contact Lens Co., Ltd. is the company which invented Aryan Contact Lenses and has been one of the leading companies For the past over 20 years, in the contact lens industry in Korea. Since contact lens was introduced from abroad, so company invested all their efforts in research and development of better contact lenses and finally they are now one of the foremost manufacturers of contact lenses in Korea. Now they are exporting contact lens all over the world. The company has managed to maintain a broad clientele of satisfied customers who admit that MiGwang contact lenses are high tech and high quality products.  Aryan contact lens is one of the finest products by the MiGwang corp. Aryan contact lenses offer wide range of eye lenses from colored to simple ones. Aryan contact lenses are designed in a manner that they ensure high permeability for oxygen. Aryan contact lenses take all worries away of all sort of eye problem. The ones who are suffering from long sightedness or short sightedness, Aryan eye lenses have cure for all of them.

Aryan contact lenses have various categories of eye lenses for every purpose and style. During day time, daily wear eye lenses are worn. Permeable eye lenses are made in such a way that we can use them for long span. Some of their products like color lenses which are disposable after 1 year can be used whole day and overnight wear. Aryan contact lenses can be used freely for the whole day and even during nights. Additionally, there are various products which are setting the style statement amongst youth due to their variant colors and comfort.

Aryan contact lenses
Aryan contact lenses

There has been a contest in various terms with the variation of market drift, scientific improvements, and the on the rise impact of globalization, in the field of lens industry. With the modification of the range of the market, there has been an incessant transformation in the tactics of the Aryan contact lenses that make them glance chic. With such innovations people are getting comfy day by day and enjoying the hi-tech market trend. With the blend of manufacturing field with virtual world made some great advancement in terms of technological innovations and designs. As savvy people always run from getting their feet in the market so they can avail the facility to buy eye lenses online. With the revolution in the information technology as well it gave birth to the most reliable tool as you can say i.e. called as the World Wide Web. Aryan contact lenses have given the users a relief by launching their products on e-commerce sites so that you can buy eye lenses online. To buy eye lenses one need to just go through few clicks of their mouse. So grab one pair for you if you want to get rid of those old fashioned spectacle and want to look natural as the almighty has created.

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