Arnette Eyeglasses – An Emblem of Love

arnette eyeglassesPlanets are definitely not playing in my favour, I said to myself. This moment I remembered what my father used to say- “Jacob, my son, corporate is not a world to stay cheery! If you stay so, you’re out.”- And really they were taking me out. I created a heaven for my team, but I failed to secure my seat there. After leaving my home town, exactly three months ago I had joined the new organization. At first I was apprehensive, but the management head showed me so many dreams that I wanted to join it as soon as possible. I also shared these dreams with the people who were hired by the management for making my team of writers. As the manager of this team, I made them see their future in this not-so-big company through rose-tinted glasses and fly on the wizard’s broom to an-all new prosperous land. But the dream was over now; the castle made of sand was sliding down to mishmash with earth. With it all my hopes were crushed. My wife and I had lately moved to Delhi, with a plan of me landing with a good job and then adding a little member to our two-some family.

The new company was a 6 days working organisation, and so while working I could never find time to take my wife out to spend some precious time with her. As now, I was totally free to spend those moments, I felt despondent. I felt dejected not because I was jobless but because I felt that I had deceived my team whom I considered my children, into making them believe in a no-future organisation. It reminded me about our last meeting when I broke the news of my so-called-resignation, (in actual termination) to my team, the look on their faces was incomprehensible. I could see hundreds of emotions playing out simultaneously on the tapestry of their faces, many of which were- love, compassion, deception, disgust, attachment, distrusting, amazement and many more. Deep inside I was pleading to God for forgiveness as a month earlier I was making them believe that they are working in an ever-growing company. It was hard to make my lips part for a good laugh or even creep to a smile. It was nearly impossible to cry even. It seemed like someone had pulled the rug of earth from beneath my feet and now I was going to crumble to pieces.

My team consisted of total 8 writers, all of whom were broken and shattered on knowing about my impending departure. Still they managed to throw a farewell party for me to bid me a happy goodbye. I got many gifts like a Rado watch, a Deuter duffel bag and a Parker pen. Then I saw one red packet that was in their hands which my writers were hiding behind their back. After cutting the farewell cake, they handed me that red packet, and as I opened it I saw a pair of fantastic and stylish eyeglasses. I have far sightedness, and the eyewear provided me an apt solution. My colleagues knew that I like Arnette’s collection of eyewear, so they gifted me the one. However the pair was bought by my ingenious writer, Ashley for herself from

Blending exceptional designs with boldness, Arnette is the brand that is all about uniqueness. The brand manufactures watches with artistic designs and innovative watch technology. Lately Arnette has unleashed a brand new collection of eyeglasses especially under their vision care mission. There is an eyewear collection, made individually for men as well as women, while some are unisex models. With varied frame material like alloy and plastic, these designer eyeglasses are cast in medium-sized rectangular shapes. Their rectangular shapes are perfectly rounded at all four corners. Beside the regular rectangular shape, the brand has its eyewear made after the world-famous wayfarer style. These eyeglasses are designed with three main prescription types- bifocal, multi-purpose and single vision- with their lens held in full rim and half rim. You can find a lot of models of this new collection at

A little about LensKart:- It is the India’s leading online shopping portal, where one can find hundreds of eye-care brands which sell their latest range of eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Apart from a well designed classification of products, the portal displays a new feature where you can upload your face picture and try your chosen model on the photo to be sure of the new look it will impart. Along with hefty discounts you get a finely drafted customer policy under which you get the ordered product delivered at your doorstep within 3-7 days and also that ordered product cancelled or returned as per your wish.

I have been happily married with Shea for three years now, and since my writer guys know well that I’m a lover of love, and a fan of blood red colour, they brought me the most appropriate symbol of parting. My team gifted me Arnette AN6003-599 Matt Black Red Eyeglasses. Designed with a unique size specification, 52-17-135 this pair of eyeglasses is known for its base material mix. The frame is made of sturdy and durable alloy and the temple arms are made of plastic. I was surprised to see how subtly they knew my likes and dislikes, and how well they aligned them into this gift. Red coloured rims and red coloured temple arms- I was completely overwhelmed with my team’s love and support; it felt like one big family.

Time was creeping close, my salary cheque from office was given and I had to leave immediately. With lots of emotions impossible to name, I was riding on an emotional roller coaster. Excusing myself, I took a few minutes to vent out my feelings which were at any given time going to swallow me. I rushed to bathroom, and wept my heart out. Thanks to the lively play of red and black colour on the Arnette eyeglasses, that I could hide my reddened eyes behind those frames. Though they did notice my swollen eyes, but sensible as my children were, they chose to ignore it; and I was relieved.

Being far-sighted person, truthfully I failed to see the things that were so near to me. I couldn’t see that the company was soon going to reel down under financial crisis. I couldn’t perceive that the organisation was deceiving us in the name of ever-growing future with it. I couldn’t realise that our hard work and sincerity are not going to pay us any dividends. I couldn’t notice that my children are staying and working just for the sake of their faith in me, my dreams and my hopes. With my hopes, my team’s dreams landed halfway down to earth to get mixed with soil.

I am at home right now, jotting on screen my experience and my feelings and the moment that Arnette pair of eyeglasses made a special one. Even with my face bespectacled with the gifted Arnette and my eyes focussed on laptop screen, I couldn’t stop my tears streaming down my cheeks as I write how to be honest with self and speaking the truth of the present can bring you close to be a true human; perhaps divinely human. My writers, whom I cared and loved as my own children gifted me Arnette’s latest pair of eyeglasses as their token of love and respect. Apart from the token of blessing from God, an emblem of genuine love from my children; these matt black red eyeglasses are a mark of disillusionment from the corporate where I dedicated my heart and soul to take it to the new heights of success.

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