And I Rest My Case

All of us believe that our accessories speak for us. When it comes to eyes, it’s as much about the case you choose as it is about the sunglasses you adorn.

I recently came across these one of a kind eyewear cases that is an extension of the owner of that eyewear.

OX Horn Eyewear Case

Owing to the beliefs of ancient Chinese traditions, it is believed that the OX Horn eyeglass case helps to maintain dignity of the wearer. OX horn eyewear case


The clean and comfy Woolen Case 

Woolen case

To elongate the life of your dear eyeglasses, it is necessary to protect them from dirt and moisture. A woolen eyewear case keeps your eyewear super clean and dry.








Tortoise Shell Eyeglass Case


Tortoise shell known for its sturdiness makes for a strong eyewear case. Cases made of tortoise shell are completely suitable for people who have a rough and tough way of leading life. You’ll never complaint of any scratches or broken corner about this one.






Technology Inspired Eyewear cases


Nike has launched Vapor Strobe Eyewear Case designed by James Owen.  A break-through technology has been developed for this eyewear case; it is composed of fresh, angular forms and aggressive shapes. A simple closure mechanism keeps the eyewear and accessories protected when they are not being used. A coarse foam liner protects from trembling impacts when you throw the case while doing some heavy physical activity or playing any sport.

These eyewear cases have inspired me to change my case right now! How about you?


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