All eyes on winter fun in the hills

“Dude, it’s Auli next week!” I didn’t wait for my friend to complete the conversation. My mind had already started wandering. Auli, snow-capped Himalayas, trekking, biking, skiing… pure awesomeness! But as I rushed for packing my bags, I remembered I didn’t put in one of the most crucial things needed out there in the hills. Any guesses? No, it’s not my woollens.


I’m talking about sunglasses folks! Well, winter sports in the snow, undoubtedly, give you adrenalin-rush, but you also need to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun that are in more intensity in the snow-covered hills.

Do you know thinner air allows for more passage of light at high altitudes leading to a 3% increase of UV radiation for every 400 metres? And if you think the chill and fog in the mountains won’t allow enough UV rays to damage your eyes, then you’re wrong. About 80% of UV rays are reflected by snow and from clouds. You can well imagine the consequences.

So what’s the point of boring you with the above facts? Just to ensure you keep your precious eyes safe as you head out for some adventurous winter fun.

But then does winter sports eyewear reminds you of those weird-looking goggles that do nothing to protect or style your eyes? Fret not, I’ve got a list of voguish and high-performance eye gear for various winter activities in the mountains that will make you a fashionista, even in the snow.

Mountain biking


Racing through the snow-covered mountain woods on your cycle gives the pleasure you’ll never know unless you’ve experienced it. But while biking in the hills your eyes are more prone to the sun’s rays as you tend to look directly at the sun as you drive. So sunglasses with grey, brown, red or yellow shades are the most suitable options. While the grey and brown cut down the excessive brightness; red and yellow increases contrast and offer greater visibility in low-light conditions. Also, make sure your sunglasses are polarized and mirrored. They reduce the glare without compromising with contrast.

Mountain climbing and hiking

Mountain climbing and hiking


As you set off on a trekking trail or climb your way up the mountains, you tend to spend a longer time in the snow. So polarised lenses with grey, green, rose or copper tints are the perfect choices since they filter the brightness and allow only the amount of light sufficient for you to move ahead on your comfortable journey.

Green lenses provide the least colour distortion while the rose tint blocks out the blue or hazy end of the colour spectrum helping you see things much clearer. And when it comes to style, these shades make the right noises, loud and clear. Also choose mirrored lenses as they come with a reflective coating to reduce glare. And they look stylish too!

Mountain climbing and hiking2

Skiing and snowboarding


Ah, the pleasure of gliding through the snow! Although I don’t boast of being as good a skier as the man in the photo above or perhaps those dudes you see in the movies, but skiing and snowboarding are the stuff that makes holidaying in the mountains in winter all the more fun. When it comes to sunglasses that you might use while skiing or snowboarding, go for amber, gold, orange or yellow tinted polarized shades. Amazingly effective in low-light conditions, these colours enhance contrast and depth perception. So you’ll be able to see the bumps on your path much easily as you ski.

Mountain climbing and hiking3

Relaxing in the hills

Is holidaying in the hills during winters all about participating in sporty activities? What if you just want to head to the mountains for a chilled-out vacation? Well, you need sunglasses for that too. But how about adding a dash of glamour to your sunglasses that also guarantees optimum eye protection? You are at ease here as you don’t necessarily need sporty sunglasses. Play with various styles like Aviators or Wayfarers (I’m keeping my Wayfarers with me in case I decide to take a break from hitting the snow).

Mountain climbing and hiking4

With so many options I gave you, I’m sure you’re well settled when it comes to choosing your perfect glare for winter sports. Now as I browse through the awesome sunglasses collection and decide which winter activity you’ll first go for, I gotta hurry up my packing.

See you in the hills!


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