All eyes on the Christmas tree

As I was rummaging through my wardrobe yesterday (the annual ritual I do every year to get my woolens out of the closet), I came across a box containing all my old sunglasses and specs. I was about to throw them away when suddenly I had a Eureka moment. That’s it! I found the perfect accessory to decorate my Christmas tree this year.

Instead of the regular decorating ingredients like colored balls, stars or bells, I have decided to try out something innovative and out-of-the-box this Christmas. And talking about offbeat, eyewear is the best decorative accessory to add a touch of DIY awesomeness to our good ol’ Christmas tree.

Lenskart -Xmas Tree

Eyewear in the branches

Wondering how would you use your stylish eyewear for Christmas decoration? All you will need are your old eyeglasses, sunglasses and strings. You’re sorted.

Try to get as many colorful eyewear as you can. Red, blue, white, brown, yellow – the brighter the better. Now tie a string to one of the hinges and simply hang them all over the Christmas tree. Also make sure that the temples are properly folded.

I have got some images for you that will give you a clearer idea about how to deck up your Christmas tree with eyewear.

Eyewear - Christmas Special




P.S. The first photo looks irresistible to me. I can’t wait to see how my Christmas tree looks like dressed up in cool eye gears!

Christmas tree for your eyes only

When I gave the above idea to my friend, he said that he didn’t have enough sunglasses or specs to put up on the tree. Are you also thinking the same? Well then, turn the idea around. If sunglasses can’t go up on the Christmas tree, the tree can definitely come down on the sunnies! Decorate your sunglasses with cheerful Christmassy designs and flaunt them on your eyes. All eyes will be on you, take my words for that.

Design the outer frame of your sunglasses with bright and colorful patterns such as the Christmas tree, Santa, stars, reindeer horns or the Snowman. You can paint the designs on cardboard and then glue them on the sunglasses. Also, use as brighter colors as you find – red, green, yellow or pink – and let your imagination fly high.

Here are a few designs that you can use for decorating your sunglasses. Honestly, all of them look super cool to me.

Eyewear - Christmas Special


Eyewear - Christmas Special


Eyewear - Christmas Special


Eyewear - Christmas Special



Christmas is all about celebration and spreading joy. So make these sunglasses and gift them to your loved ones. The smiles on their face will be your biggest blessing, trust me.
Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!

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