A flash of glitz and glory – Vincent Chase Reflectors

Dazzling, vibrant, chic, cool and edgy – phew! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the Vincent Chase Reflectors, a collection of mirrored sunglasses like no other.

Vincent Chase Sunglasses

As we all know too well, mirrored sunnies were a popular style back in the 80s. After two decades, history is repeating itself and the revival has got everyone donning a pair, from top celebrities to street fashionistas. And if you have seen the TVC, well, you’re in for a ride!

A mirror to your style

The most unique feature of the Vincent Chase reflectors is, of course, the eponymous rainbow-hued lenses. Made for everyone, you can flaunt it like you mean to! But if you’re doubtful about how to wear it with aplomb, look for inspiration from famous stars.

Want to know how to flaunt the Reflectors the ‘Flirty, flirty me! Flirty, flirty you!’ way? Watch our TVC to see the charisma these sunglasses ooze.

Read on….!

Mirrore sunglasses

The classic aviator with a mirrored lens is always the favourite pick. It accords the wearer a sleek, adventurous look, with an underpinning of unconventional choices.

vincent chase Mirror Wayfarer

You can never go wrong with Wayfarers. The versatility of these frames makes them super-popular. A wayfarer with blue mirrored lens is a much favoured choice.

Vincent Chase Round sunglasses

The round-shaped frame is another classic. It is everything at once — cool, fun, elegant, quirky! Best as daywear, these frames with mirrored lenses have a very futuristic, totally irresistible vibe. Can you resist them?

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye frame lends a touch of vintage glam and takes you back to the glory days of fashion. Combine it with colourful mirrored lenses and see how this look creates ripples all over.


One of the best ways to pull off mirrored sunglasses is to embrace patterns and then mix them up for a striking, timeless look. Go bold and see heads turn!

The Vincent Chase Reflectors are one of the biggest trends this season. It is what I absolutely love right now. These sunglasses totally reflect the essence of your fashion. Chic though they are, they can be risky too. With the right choice of apparel and accessories, these mirrored sunglasses effect a spike in your versatility and take you places!

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