9 ways to make your eyeglasses last longer

You invest a lot of time, in finding the right frame that expresses you, the right colour that suits you and the one that has a perfect fit. Don’t you want the longest possible life for your frames and lenses?

Well! Everyone does

But, let’s accept the fact…

Everyone who wears glasses knows that there will be a time when their sunglasses will certainly break. But you can increase their life by including simple life hacks.

1) Store properly

When not in use, place them on the eyeglass stand and it’s even better to keep them in the case. This not only keeps the dirt and dust away from your glasses, but it also protects them from getting scratches, being bent or broken.

eyeglasses stand & Case

2) Rinse

Very tiny particles can settle on your specs and if you wipe them off, it can be abrasive. Remember! Always rinse your glasses with water before wiping them. .


3) Clean it properly

Start cleaning your eyeglasses from the temple towards your nosepieces. This technique will definitely add months to your little helpers. Mind you, it’s important you use the right cloth too – use a microfiber cleaning cloth only. A big ‘No’ for towel, shirt tail or any other fabric!


4) Don’t use as a hair accessory

Yes we know! It looks super cool, but keeping eyeglasses on your head can distort the temples and also there is a great chance that you’ll make ‘em fall and break them.


5) Taking them off carefully

Always use your both hands while putting them on or removing your eyeglasses. Well, not everybody can be Rajnikanth right?


6) Avoid extreme temperatures

Leaving your glasses on the dashboard is a big no no! Extreme temperatures can damage the lenses, and also break them.


7) Keep tools handy

If you regularly tighten the screws of your glasses, chances of breaking are much less as it helps keep the parts intact and hence they will last longer.

eye frame tools

8) Place them properly

Don’t lay your glasses with lens facing the surface, this will only get more scratches on your lenses. When not in use, always keep them in a case! Single mantra!

shutterstock_391920625And most importantly,

9 ) Do not share your glasses

Sounds like a fun idea, but never try out other’s glasses and don’t share yours. The fitting will distort or they might loosen up and voila! You are on your hunt again.

Now that you know, hammer in these simple habits in your lifestyle and save yourself time and zest!

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