8 sunglasses myths busted

Sunglasses, ever since they were introduced, have never gone out of fashion. Be it for protection from UV rays or simply to make a fashion statement, sunglasses have always been given a thumbs up by patrons. With their growing popularity, there are certain myths that are also floating around about their usage and benefits. We are here to break those myths and help you make an informed choice.

First, the facts:

  • The first-ever sunglasses were made for the people of China in the 12th The Chinese used the sunglasses not only as a means to protect their eyes, but also in court. Lawyers used to wear sunglasses while convicting witnesses in the court of law to hide their facial expressions.
  • Out of the 10 million units sold by Ray-Ban in the year 1998, the wayfarer style came out to be the bestseller, and it is still quite prominent among several other brands.
  • On an average, an American breaks or loses his sunglasses every 14 minutes!

However, a shocking number of people believe in the many myths about sunglasses. It’s time we burst that bubble and give them the facts. Here is a set of popular myths, along with the facts to help you choose the right pair of sunglasses for yourself.


Darker the tint, greater the protection from UV rays.


It doesn’t matter what the colour of your glasses is, or how dark the tint is. Sunglasses with darker tints offer the same UV protection as the lighter ones. So if you’re thinking that you are better protected by your darker goggles, think again.


Sunglasses should be worn only when it’s sunny.


It is often believed that the harmful UV rays come when the sun can be seen. But these rays are present even when the sun hides behind clouds. The rays are not visible, but they do affect our eyes. UV rays penetrate the eyes and the skin around it, even when its cloudy. So sunglasses should be worn all the time – whether it’s sunny or cloudy.


Children do not need sunglasses.


Children spend more time outdoors than their parents, and hence are exposed to the harmful UV rays to a larger extent. So it is important for them to wear sunglasses that offer 99% UV protection.


Sunglasses are just a fashion accessory.


Sunglasses not only pep up your fashion quotient, they also offer UV protection. And of course, they will make you look fashionable!


Sunglasses in winters? Seriously?


The winter sun, though it’s a source of vitamin D and a lot of warmth, is no good for the eyes. The amount of UV rays emitted in winter is as much as that in summer. So sunglasses are important, irrespective of the season.


All sunglasses offer UV protection.


In order to provide the maximum amount of UV protection, sunglasses need a special anti-reflecting coating both on the front and the back to shield the eyes. Without that coating, wearing sunglasses is useless.


Wearing any sunglasses, irrespective of quality, is better than wearing no sunglasses at all.


Wearing cheap sunglasses that do nothing except make you look good, are not just a waste of money, they also cause the eyes to dilate – a condition where the pupils enlarge. It is better to wear sunglasses that offer protection, and actually make you look and feel good too!


Sunglasses are made of glass.


The word “glasses” in “sunglasses” doesn’t mean that your lenses are made of glass. They are made from high-tech plastic that efficiently prevents the dust, dirt and harmful UV rays from entering your eyes.

Without a doubt, sunglasses are a must have for everyone, irrespective of the season or occasion. Look for a pair that suits your face type and compliments your persona. Go ahead and flaunt your style!


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