7 ways to reuse that old contact lens case

Do you have old contact lens cases lying around your house that never made it to the trash can? Do you also have a lot of problems in carrying essential stuff when you’re on the go?

Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

Reuse lens cases to make your travel easier. We’ve come up with 7 DIYs that will make your life easier.

1. Lipstick Holder


Just melt some of your lipstick, mix it with some petroleum jelly, put it in the lens case and voila! This little concoction not only makes carrying multiple lip colours easier, but it also helps you moisturize your lips. You can also make your own colour by mixing two or more of your lipsticks for a twist!

2. Touch Up Essentials


If you’re dashing from one meeting to another and don’t have the room to carry all your make up in that little bag, this one is for you.
Take some of your everyday foundation and moisturizer. Put them in the two bowls of your contacts’ case. This will help you touch up on-the-go and look flawless!

3. Seasoned Right


Are you one of those who like to add a pinch of your own flavour to every dish? Carry salt and pepper together, in your old contact lens case. Just pour some of each into the bowls and you’re good to go – just remember to clean the case thoroughly.

4. Mini Sauce Container


This is great way for complementing lunch boxes and carrying a variety of ketchups at the same time. Add some mustard and tomato ketchup in the clean bowls and place it with the traveller’s lunch box. Eat merry, be merry!

5. Earphones Manager



We all know the never ending hassle of untangling earphones. This DIY will help you keep the Left and Right stay in their place and, of course, make your life much easier. Although, this might require some patience to make:
Take a knife and heat it by placing it over a flame. Then, carefully cut the plastic on the edge of the bowls and cap. This cut should be big enough for the headphones to be placed suitably. Put the cap on, cover the case, wrap the strings and throw it in your bag without a second thought!

6. Jewellery Storage


Store small trinkets like studs, rings, pendants, chains etc. in a contact lens case and you won’t be losing them ever!

7. Miniature Medicine Box


A convenient way to carry your medicines is by keeping a few tablets in an old contact lens case. We know how important it is, to carry these valuable essentials and how much space the long tablet strips take in your bag.

Try these travel hack DIYs and make travelling easier and fun. Who likes carrying a huge luggage anyway?

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