7 crazy eye facts you must know

Each creation of God is a wondrous marvel! There are so many things, so many creatures we still don’t know about which will amaze you beyond your reasoning faculties.

So, I stumbled upon some crazy animal facts, which, by the way, were mind blowing! And what really caught my attention were those few about the eyes!

I have collated a list of 7 amazing eyes related facts of different species that inhabit the Earth. You must know these, well not only for increasing your general knowledge, but to be able to amaze buddies over lunch or dinner!

1. Frog


Eyes of this hopping creature provide a binocular vision of 100° and a total vision of almost 360°. It helps them in easy prey detection and, hence, in saving their lives. So, practically he knows what’s going on his back! Isn’t that creepy?

2. House Fly


A fly’s eyes are immobile, but because they are protruded from the head and spherical in shape, they also almost give a 360° view. A house fly’s eye is a compound organ and each eye is made up of approximately 2,000 lenses which are also light receptors called Ommatidia. Each Ommatidium is a functioning eye itself!

3. Ogre faced Spider


The Ogre faced spider has six eyes basically, but it looks like two because the middle pair is quite enlarged. Another interesting fact: The membrane in their eyes is so sensitive that it gets destroyed at dawn and a new one is produced every night. Seriously each night!

4. Chameleon


Chameleon is not only famous for his camouflage, but is also capable of moving his eyes separately, i.e. they can both function in different direction. Therefore, this animal too has a 360° vision. They have unusual eyes; their eyelids are fused and can cover almost their complete eye when needed.

5. Four Eyed Fish


Well, the name of this fish is pretty confusing. It’s called a four eyed fish, but has only two eyes. So you must be wondering, why such a name? Well, that’s where the trick is – each eye is divided by a band of tissues and has a pupil of its own. This bizarre adaptation allows her to see perfectly, above and below the waterline. She’s definitely got some swag!

6. Crocodile


These water-land animals have 3 eyelids. The top and bottom one, which most animals have. Wondering what the third one is for? So, it’s inside these two main eyelids and is a thing translucent appearing membrane which helps them see clearly underwater. Amazing adaptations!

7. Bats


Popular saying: Bats are blind during the day! Well, that’s a myth. In fact, their vision is better than humans. So, they have two spectral cone photo receptors types for daylight and UV vision. Not many animals have that, forget about such evolution in humans!
This helps in avoiding predator during foraging and detection of UV reflecting flowers to feed on the nectar.

Like all good things come to an end so has this list. I’m pretty sure these facts were new, absolutely amazing and you would have never come across them otherwise. So now, flaunt your newly gained knowledge and let your friends know that you’re a package of cool and smarty pants.

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