7 cafés which are a paradise for bibliophiles

Ahoy Readers!

If you’re visiting either of these (scroll down) cities, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore these bookstores, which are a paradise in disguise!

What more can you ask, for these cafés have a humungous collection of books coupled with sumptuous food to offer! So the next time you visit these cities, make it a point to enjoy reading a poem or a fiction with a cup of Masala Chai or Filter Coffee!

Delhi: Mayday bookstore

Looking for a space where you can find all the Leftist and Communist literature? Your search ends here, in the Shadipur area of the capital city. Just get down at Shadipur Metro Station and ask the rickshaw puller to take you to bayaassi (82) number!

This is a collective space which is eclectic and urbane. It is close to the Safdar Studio, where various groups stage their performances.

So what’s special? You may find some unique and brain-gasmic books. You can organize your book meets as well in the Safdar Studio, where usually plays are staged, which can be booked at nominal prices.

Pune: Pagdandi- Book Chai Café

This place defines the adjective ‘unique’. ‘Pagdandi- Book Chai Café’ reads a green signboard over a yellow door welcomes you on the slopes of hills of Baner, Pune.

It’s yet another collective space which includes the cozy and comfortable bed and cushions on the left of the entrance and adjacent to a bookshelf, on the right you’ll find a table-chair arrangement and a mat just below it where you can sit, read and listen to the book-ish conversations of fellow bibliophiles. There are books For-Sale and Not-For-Sale [The donated books by fellow readers]

So what’s special? Play chess on the table-chair arrangement before the yellow door over a cup of their special Masala tea. Grab a book of poetry and hop in the bedding provided and finish the book till the very end! Because they don’t throw their visitors, you can take as much time as you want without ordering anything, it can’t get better. Can it?

Hyderabad: The Coffee Cup

This happens to be the café which seems to take care of all the discerning demands of a bibliophile. Firstly, it has got an amazing interior. Secondly, it welcomes you with a collection of some old novels, which you can enjoy reading out in the open with their popular filter coffee.

And what makes it extra-special is that it has got many stand-up comedy performances there. Weekends are a busy affair in this café as it enjoys the merit of being the most popular one in Telangana.

So what’s special? Friday Comedy with Filter Coffee is the most sought after event which people attend here in numbers.

Bangalore: Atta Galatta

This local/regional language bookstore has reputation of having a stack of over 10,000 Indian writing books, the largest in Bangalore. Bangalore Poetry festival is credited to this bookstore and so much so is its buzz that over 100 international poets attend this two day fest!

So what’s special? Besides the amazing regional collection of books. Look out for their poetry festival.

Mumbai: Kitab Khana

Kitab Khana: A treasure trove for books claims to be one of the richest bookstore in terms of literary value. To satiate your book-appetite you can count upon its reputation of the latest arrivals to the hand-picked editions in three regional languages; Gujarati, Hindi & Marathi.

And it’s in-house café, Food for thought — appropriately named – is there for you to munch upon the local delicacies while you contemplate existential conundrums and riddles by Sartre, Nietzsche and Kant.

So what’s special? Food for thought is famous for its Fresh Salad, Pasta and Coffee. So, what possibly could be extra-special for a book-nerd?

 Chennai: Amethyst Café

Anyone is bound to run out of words to describe this place. What could be said about a place which has: A bookstore, in-house café, fashion accessories, and flower shop? Yes, it’s a world within.

You may choose to buy a bouquet of flowers, or read a book in the balcony area over a cup of filter coffee; or choose to lose yourself in idiosyncratic smell from books in the humid weather of Chennai. Heavenly experiences are at your disposal, it’s you who have to figure out what you want!

So what’s special? Everything!!! Need we say more?

 Calcutta: Oxford Bookstore-Cha Bar

Oxford Bookstore and Cha-bar, collectively, are perhaps the most widely known bookstore and café associations. Its roots are in Calcutta, the multi-faceted city. Whenever you happen to map the lanes of Park Street, make sure you visit this iconic place. Many authors and world-renowned poets visit this place. Regional poets and writers could be seen in various events organized by Oxford Bookstore. It is undoubtedly more spacious than its Delhi counter-part. Cha Bar is spread over the first floor. And the ground floor is stuffed, and exceptionally so, with several books categorically.

So what’s special? The very vibe of Calcutta is special. However, we can present two reasons to visit this bookstore-café: Amazing food & Bollywood Masala Chai by Cha-Bar and the Fiction collection of Oxford Bookstore.

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