6 ways your worn out frames will work for you

Is tossing away your eyewear, which has lost its significance with time, the only option? If emotional strings are attached with your old eyewear collection, then it’s better to be playful and recreate something extraordinary out of it.

eyewear collection

When in use, eyewear serves the purpose of style and vision, but when on the verge of getting discarded, they can turn out to be a great decorative piece, accessory element, DIY canvas, and much more.

Ready to be discarded, but still an accessory

Whether you want to replace the frames or the glasses, feel free to do either! After all, so many styles are available in the market and online to choose from. But, why throw them away, when they can be reused as some other accessory, if not as an eyewear! Make pendants and necklaces out of them by connecting them with metallic or beaded chains.

Paint your imagination on glasses

Looking for new canvas to paint your imagination? Your old, scratched glasses and lenses can act as an ideal canvas for your creativity. Not many of us know what to draw with the paint and brush. If you also belong to this group, just play with colours and get an abstract creativity on the glasses. Such painted lenses and glasses can also be attached to the pendant chain to create a style statement.

pendant chain

Remembering important days is a task?

Is your partner bad at remembering important dates? Surprise him by gifting him/her a DIY frames’ calendar. All you need to do is make paper cuttings with days and months marked, along with important events, and put it on the two windows of your old frames. Such an easy way to keep everyone happy – and not forgetting birthdays and anniversaries!

DIY frames calendar

Put your cards in the right frame

Never found the case style that you wanted for your visiting cards and business cards! Why not make your own card holder using your old, unused frames! You just need to glue two frames firmly on the table and start collecting all your cards in the space between them.

card holder

Photo frame to revive pleasant memories

When the pictures are special, the frame has to be unique. Say goodbye to oversized, not-so-attractive photo frames placed on your bedside table with the unique eyewear frame. Get pocket size pictures and paste them on the glasses to create a frame that enhances the joy of looking at your favourite pictures every time.

unique eyewear frame

Frame your favourite eyewear

Get a vintage wall frame for your classic frames! Your eyeglasses speak for your journey of life, and so they must hold an important place on the wall of fame. Those who have grown up with glasses, don’t need to speak about their importance in life, as the glasses’ frame will say it all!

eyeglasses speak for your journey of life

In love with your favourite eyeglasses and sunglasses! Now, you will love them even more and discard the idea of discarding them, as they bring forth the creative side of your personality.



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