6 sunglasses you must own

Classic styles that you can carry off every season. And here are six of those. You just can’t not have these in your wardrobe. Other styles may come and go, but these shall stick around forever.

Classic Pilots

Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun, think classic, and think iconic. Yes, think Aviators.

Classic Aviators

Do you know anyone who doesn’t look good wearing the pilot shape? Introduced by Ray-Ban as Aviator sunglasses, pilots are a delight to eyes and for eyes. Now, you don’t have to get all Dabangg to own these shades. Buy the colour and size that goes well with your personality. My personal favourite is THE classic golden frame with green lenses.

classic golden frame with green lenses

The evergreen blue!The evergreen blue!

classic Aqua

A big shout out to the classic Aqua. Seasons may come and go, but the truly natural blue colour stays. Buy sunglasses in whatever shape (Aviators, Wayfarers, Cat Eye etc.), but make sure you have at least one Aqua colour. And don’t worry you don’t just have to wear them with blue ensemble.

velvet aviators

Bold & Beautiful WayfarerBold & Beautiful Wayfarer

The iconic Wayfarer sunglasses are a timeless trend. And it’s no surprise that they are a favourite among celebrities and general population. This cherished eyewear had had its ups and down. But, of late, the style is coming back with a vengeance and it is here to stay. The Wayfarer will, no doubt, set you class apart.


Mirror Look

Reviving the 80’s vibrant trend with the mirrored sunglasses was a perfect idea. These attention grabbing sunnies are a favourite choice among the fashion conscious individuals.

Mirror wayfarers

The retro mirrored sunglasses come in pretty much all shapes and sizes. The unique feature of the mirrored sunglasses is the rainbow hued lenses. But mirrored lenses can never go wrong with a quintessential frame. An example of this style is a mirrored Aviator which will exude a mysterious yet confident persona. If you’re man who means business, the mirrored sunglasses is the way to go.

Blue mirror wayfarer

Matte Gradient

A subtle style that shows the strength of your character like nothing else. Matte frames paired with gradient lenses, and you’re ready for an intense look.

Matte Gradient

Tempting Velvet

Defining modern sassiness, glamour and class like never before, the Velvet sunglasses are simply irresistible.

valvet wayfarer


So, don’t think. Log on to Lenskart.com and find all of these styles. Buy the ones you don’t still have! 🙂

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