6 Reasons to Love Winters

Welcome Winter

When someone asks me which season of the year I like the most, my mouth doesn’t hesitate to blurt out loud – ‘Winters’. There is so much to love about winters.

The air, the dust-free streets, the pleasure to read a good book with a cup of hot tea in my hand, the long walks I enjoy with my friends with my eyeglasses catching mist every now and then, my cozy bed that I just don’t wanna leave when am off from work and the super spicy bowl of hot Maggi that I relish from the roadside shops. All these moments are a spec of great memory to treasure, aren’t they? And these memories deserve the best of me and you, ‘too’.  J So here are the best of the looks I arranged for you to welcome the winter season.

Here we go!

#1 Hot as hell!


No dressing down! Winters are meant to dress up and flaunt the best of your accessories. The bigger the better! I chose to team up my fringed crop-top and cool pants with a pair of stylish aviator eyeglasses. You can throw on a jacket if you get cold. 🙂


Gunning the ‘glare with flair’

rayban 4184 tortoise brown gradient wayfarer sunglasses

Going down town and the sun doesn’t seem to budge? Cut from the glare with a stylish pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunnies in the hottest Tortoise avatar.


Cheery on the top!

mikli ml1026 maroon silver grey 0004 eyeglasses

Red looks like life & energy on a plain gloomy-gray evening in winters. Red’s one colour you should never miss out on. I got Alain Mikli’s stylish eyeglasses in grey, silver and maroon-ish red to go with my casuals. You too should add a pair in fiery red to your collection.


Round it up with your accessories!

vincent chase vc0304 size 49 golden c9 eyeglasses

Bring the best clothes and accessories, team them up with your stylish retro round eyeglasses for a night-out with friends and you are ready. Psst! I just randomly made this look and it has turned out so perfect. I think I am falling in love with myself and the bubbling grey matter in my brains.  **feeling blessed** 🙂


Suit up!

vincent-chase vc 5109 gunmetal blue grey gradient aviator mens sunglasses

The best all the guys can do is keep their looks simple and let a pair of cool Aviator sunglasses cast its magic. Guys, even if you hit the streets in your out-of-the-bed look in a pair of aviator sunglasses, you still are capable of shooting a bird or two. 😉 B)


The twins!

john jacobs jj0016 matte black eyeglasses

One day you wanna dress in a boyfriend jacket with rolled up sleeves, the other day you wanna wear a tough bomber jacket. Whoever you wanna be, a stylish pair of Matte Black Round Eyeglasses will always be your partner in crime. You just have to get when and you are ready to sport any look!

Crux- Get a few awesome pairs of round, wayfarer, aviators and retro eyewear to keep the temperature rising this winter.

Here’s your eyewear guru signing off for today. Caio! xoxo

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