6 celeb couples twinning with sunnies

The fun and joy of doing anything is doubled when done together – be it a friend or a significant other. A couple who does things together sticks together, so goes an old adage. Accessorizing together is a unique reflection of their personalities shining together. Taking inspiration from these celebrity couples we can see why it is so much fun.

Deepika – Ranveer

The chemistry between this Bollywood couple is so evident, it transcends onto their on-screen lives and brings to life the characters they portray in the truest form imaginable. Ranveer’s wacky sense of fashion is indubitably conspicuous. Deepika is a fashion icon in true sense. Together they sport a look that’s fun and fashionable at the same time. Seen here in his matte Wayfarer goggles, Ranveer contrastingly compliments Deepika’s blingy, mirrored round frames.

Anushka – Virat

Evidently one of India’s most popular couples, this young successful pair oozes confidence and charm singularly with their fun personalities. When together, this simply transforms onto an undeniably charismatic presence. Seen here in the ‘same-same but different’ kind of frames, the couple wears similar shaped sunglasses with differences in the detailing. While Anushka opts for matte-multi colored round frames, Virat takes one with metal frames and plastic detailing. Both have funky reflective mirror-effect lenses.

Twinkle – Akshay  

This tinsel-town-twosome have come a long way from their initial acting days and evolved in life and fashion as well. This couple provides some serious couple goals with the kind of love they exude in overcoming all the hurdles in life and growing as individuals. Twinkle exudes a chic way of dressing up and has a major influence on Akshay as he is often quoted proclaiming. This is truly evident from the picture below where they are seen twinning in black.

Twinkle oozes her cool-chic vibe with the oversized sunnies, and Akshay keeps it in check with his square-cut tinted glasses.


These two are noted for complimentary dressing and stand true to the adage that a couple who accessorizes together, sticks together. They are noticed to be dressing similar, especially when apart. With Martrix inspired outfits replete with tiny sunglasses exuding the 90’s vibe, Gigi and Zayn are conspicuously perfecting their lifestyle and giving the world some serious couple goals.

Olivia Palermo – Johannes Huebl

Arguably one of the most stylish couples, they are always in complimenting each other. Their style is evident in their everyday life in their entire attire. Her Instagram showcases her personal style and also the couple’s, from time- to- time. Seen here in complementing wayfarers, their couple style is on point. At a dressy event, Olivia keeps her understated glamour on with a Louis Vuitton Cat-Eye while Johannes sports a pair of bold framed Wayfarers.

Chrissy Teigen – John Legend

This celebrity couple, who are not shy of living life king size and sharing it with their fans are setting the ultimate couple goals. Model-author-host Chrissy’s unabashed sense of humour is playfully, complemented by Grammy winner husband John whose support and love is evident in everything they do. John is seen in aviators while Chrissy keeps her glam on with the oversized number. They are seen showing of their baby Luna, where Chrissy accessorizes her outfit with dark brown big cat-eyes while John keeps it cool with dark wayfarers.

Looking good together is imperative for couples. Living life almost always under the public eye makes it natural for them to have an eye for flair and flaunt it with abandon. Inspiring millions with their work and lifestyle, these guys pave the way to keep it together with effortless panache.

Do you and your loved one have a style statement that you together boast of? Do send us pictures in the comments below.

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