6 Bollywood professional looks with eyeglasses

In recent years, eyeglasses have become a must-have accessory. Spectacles have transcended from being just a protective eyewear to a style accessory. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a parent or an executive, a pair of specs can definitely change your whole appearance.

Eyeglasses have played a vital role in the corporate trend. Tailored suit with a pair of spectacles can make you look more smart and urbane. Bollywood is certainly taking the professional trend to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of these B-Wood stars, who look dashing and chic in the nerdy office look.

Decoding Arjun Rampal’s CEO style

Arjun Rampal CEO style

Always so dashing, Arjun Rampal pulls off the suave professional look quite well in the movie Inkaar. Rampal’s effortless way of carrying the semi-formal or formal style is very appealing. Inkaar is a movie about urban office politics and relationships; Rampal plays Rahul, the CEO of an advertising firm. His corporate look adds a certain charm to his character.

You can always inculcate his style in your own wardrobe too. Invest in some classic pieces like a couple of crisp slim-fit shirts in basic white or light blue shirts, tailored blazers and black formal shoes. To complete your chic corporate look, pick up a pair of thick-framed retro eyeglasses and you’re good to go.

Adding the Jackie flair

pair of black rimmed rectangular eyeglasses

The ever gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez looks super chic in the movie Kick. Playing a psychiatrist in the movie, Jacqueline manages to accomplish an intellectual look. She was seen wearing only classy and elegant ensembles to create the conventional doctor look. For instance, the opening scene sees Jacqueline in a pink dress with white collar and pairs it off with a black tote.

Look as posh as Jacqueline, as she did in Kick. Add a pair of black rimmed rectangular eyeglasses to finish your stylish appearance. Opt for a sleek and slim black frame if you want a polished and refined look.

Going political with Ranbir

half rimmed spectacles

With a very serious and somber look in his movie Raajneeti, Ranbir Kapoor bears so much resemblance to that of a politician. Wait, his character is a politician! This hunky actor ditched his usual cheeky charming persona for a more contemplative role. Unlike the typical kurta-pajama donning politicos, Ranbir is trendily dressed in the movie.

Wearing light sweaters and jackets with khaki pants or jeans, the semi-formal yet casual look is young and smart. Much like Ranbir, you can flaunt a half rimmed spectacles for an exclusively smarter look.

Creating the Wall Street look with Sonam & Ayushmann 

While the world of finance may sound pretty tedious, there are so many ways in which you can always make it more interesting. Take inspiration from Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana who play a financial banker and a marketing wiz respectively. The duo plays a middle-class corporate couple in the movie Bowakoofiyan. Creating the classic corporate look in their movie, they both look classy-chic.

Take note of fashion icon’s style in the movie, you can flaunt a pair of retro-inspired cat eye spectacles. It is always a fun way to add that little oomph in your look.

Being a medical intern – the Kareena way

thick rimmed eyeglasses

Long working hours and huge pile of pending work and sleep deficiency. Yes, that is how one usually describes a medical intern’s life. But Kareena Kapoor breaks the stereotype. In the critically acclaimed and commercially successful movie, 3 Idiots, her look as a medical intern is absolutely stunning, yet very girl-next-door. Though nerdy, Kareena brings Pia to life by wearing clothes a lot of girls in India would connect with.

If you’re a medical intern, just remember you don’t always have to fall into that stereotype. Opt for more vibrant casual-chic clothes. Ditch those thick rimmed eyeglasses and pick out a slim frame, like Kareena’s red rim spectacles.

Arjun Kapoor’s nerdy-casual-professional look

These nerdy-trendy eyeglasses

In the movie 2 States, Krish Malhotra is a young man who is pursuing MBA, dealing with his dysfunctional family and trying to keep his love-life intact. Arjun Kapoor does justice to his character by adding that smart vibe to his look. While his character is at IIM, he is seen sporting the casual-usual student ensembles. As a banker, he opts for a semi-formal and casual office look.

The full rim rectangle eyeglasses add a geeky-chic touch to this character’s life, even as a student and, a couple of years later, as a banker.

There are so many aspects, more than we can imagine, to our lives and our personalities. To complement each and every aspect our lifestyle, we need more than a pair of eyeglasses. Remember new spectacles are the best way to revamp your entire look without splurging on a whole new wardrobe. Get inspired from the above mentioned films, characters and actors. These nerdy-trendy eyeglasses will definitely add a little essence to your professional look.

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