5 Eye Care Tips For Monsoons

Monsoon brings joy as you say goodbye to summer. However, the cheerful season of clouds brings with them an army of infections that cause eye pain and discomfort. Viral infections are known to thrive and spread during rains due to increased moisture in the air. Proper eye care should become a priority during monsoons to prevent yourself from getting an eye infection.

Here, we are going to share with you a few tips to protect your eyes during this wet season.

Tip 1: Wash your eyes properly to keep them clean

Washing your eyes will remove all the dust particles from within and around your eyes.

Tip 2: Avoid using common towels. For face, switch to facial tissues

Do not share your personal towel and also don’t use others’ because eye infections are communicable.

Tip 3: Keep a pair of sunglasses handy

It is best to keep a pair of sunglasses handy. This will help keep the dust away from your eyes.

Tip 4: Clean your contact lenses

Stay careful of bacterial contamination by making sure you clean your lenses thoroughly before wearing them.

Tip 5: Your eye drop can save the day

In case you experience some redness or itchiness in your eyes, rinse them properly with cold running water. If the condition persists you can use some eye drops.

Well, there you go, folks! Stay safe and take care!

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