5 things to do with your sunnies before winters

Ah! The feel of the chilly nights, the fire place and hot coffees, I absolutely adore the winter season.

fire place

But with less sunshine, it can surely bring the blues. I’ll definitely miss the cool summer dresses, flirty flip-flops and of course, my all-time favourite accessory – Sunglasses. My love for sunglasses is irrevocable and if you feel the same, then there is nothing that will stop you from flaunting a pair. 🙂

So, before winter sets in, here are five fun things we can do with our sunglasses.

Sink your teeth into sweet bliss

The cold air and ice-cream is never a good combination. I will definitely miss the refreshingly delightful popsicles & ice-creams. So, there’s no other perfect way to say goodbye to the sunny days than to put on your favourite pair of goggles and go out for ice-cream.

Bask in the sun

The days of basking in the sun and splashing in the water are almost gone. Take this opportunity and go to the beach before winter arrives. Catch the last days of the sun; swim your heart out, get a tan and that summery glow for winter. Just don’t forget to flaunt your sunglasses.

A breath of fresh air

Very few things say summer like the scenic beauty of nature. Go for a hike and admire the bright greenery with your sunglasses on. A great and perfect outdoor activity to do before the cold of winter sets in.

The perfect outing 

Picnic – one of those simple summer pleasures that are truly relaxing. Round up some easy-to-make sandwiches and games. Enjoy an effortless yet fun time with family & friends at a local park. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses along.

Revel in the breathtaking dusk

Take an evening stroll through the neighbourhood or go for a beautiful drive up a mountainside, put on your sunnies and watch the fiery sunset. Witnessing a colorful sunset will take the sting out of the impending seasonal change.

With the arrival of winter, we’ll see shorter days, crisper weather and foggy mornings. Take advantage of the remaining warm days while they’re still hanging around. Indulge in these activities with your sunglasses for the most enjoyable end-of-sunny days and evenings. They will definitely help the transition into winter feel less chilly.

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