5 styles of yore that are hot now

The popular styles of 50’s and 60’s have made a blockbuster comeback. That’s no news, right?

But, well, I thought I’ll just tell you how voguish you look when you wear those vintage inspired sunnies and which celebs would love your style.

The Audrey Hepburn’s wayfarer, Marilyn Monroe’s famous cat-eye glasses, Zeenat Aman and Jakie Kennedy’s oversized sunnies are some of the blasts from the past that we see all around us.

sunglasses for women

How could we leave out men from yesteryears known for their iconic eyewear. Remember John Lennon’s T-shades, Buddy Holly’s horn-rimmed broad frames which were quite similar to R.D. Burman’s?

eyeglasses for men

Haven’t we seen them all around us today 2014 too? The Horn-rimmed, Browline, cat-eye, oversized and broad frames with bold colors hogged the limelight recently at the NYFW.

Spectacles for women

Cat eye frames have long been a celebrity’s favorite. We saw Megan Fox wearing the retro cat-eye frames but many desi celebs like Sonam Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra have also been following the vintage inspired trends.

cat eye glasses for women

Lady Gaga and Bollywood’s ‘Munni’ Malaika Arora Khan are fond of Audrey’s wayfarers which made it to the style magazines in the 60s. Lady Gaga, known for her quirky style, never shies away from making a stand-out statement.

ladies wayfarer sunglasses

wayfarer sunglass for women

Among Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham and our Bollywood divas, Jackie O’s oversized sunglasses are quite popular.

Over sized sunglasses for women

Over sized sunglasses for ladies

celebrity oversized sunglasses for women

Broad frame eyeglasses are the love of many, in both Bollywood & Hollywood. After Brad Pitt, Justin Bibber, Anne Hathway and Justin Timberlake, now Sonakshi Sinha is also trying hard to enter the fashion circuit with the thick-rimmed black Wayfarer eyeglasses. Chitrangada Singh and Ranvir Singh also go for this look.

mens eyeglasses

celebrity spectacles

celebrity eyewear

One style which really took everyone aback, and wasn’t expected to touch the runways was John Lennon style T-shades. Small and perfectly round, the legendary Beatles star’s trademark fashion statement is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Round Eyeglasses for men

We have spotted Mary-Kate Olsen, Robert Downey Jr, Ranvir Singh and sonap Kapoor with T-shades. And, boy, do they look hot!

Round Sunglasses

So, if you regret not being a part of those golden times when recession was a lesser known word, and life was only about style, get your hands on these varied celebrity style eyewear.

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