5 Spring/Summer’18 eyewear trends you can’t overlook

Think of Spring and the colours it brings! The season is synonymous with the vibrancy of life itself and the colours of the blooms that herald its arrival. In eyewear, think tinted lenses, mirror effects, floral prints, sci-fi frames, retro, futuristic – whatever is your game, glam it up with the trends of the season.

Mirrored Bling

This Spring have a fling with mirrored bling as you make your way to summer. Unmistakably glamorous, mirrored lenses in a wide array of shapes appear as a fashion staple on celebrities across the world.


Colors of goggles such as antique yellows, browns, off-whites, burgundies, emeralds, blacks and powder blues channel the retro vibe. Shapes in categorically old-school rounds, clubmasters, wayfarers, squared-off aviators, ovals and cat-eyes are all reflective of yesteryear’s inspirational designs.

The round wired minimalistic design appears across both fashion and functional genres.
Matrix-inspired tiny sunglasses can lend a 90’s feel which is making a strong comeback since the past season.

Seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, the current editions boast of reflective glasses combining the looks of this season. Retro style shapes are being reinvented with modern lines such as grey lenses and minute detailing.

Vivid and luscious colours

Coloured frames and lenses of the same colour, ranging from cool blues and funky violet to sunflower yellow and pinkish reds have arrived to unroll that bright spunk of Spring. Armed with UV protection, there is no reason why wearing more colour can be held back. Find a pair that colours your world here.

Classics and variants

Tortoise shells have been considered a fashion staple which is smart and dressy at the same time. Black frames with their timelessness will probably never leave the list of what is in. In varying shapes and sizes, a black frame is impossible to disappoint. Developing on this, a two-tone frame with varying gradients is a smart take on the conventional single-coloured frames. Depending on the gradient of the colour, one can decide to wear a lighter tone to reduce the starkness of a bold colour. Moving further on this scale, we arrive at translucent or clear frames that provide unmatched versatility with the neutral colour and can be matched with any outfit.

Minimalistic clean lines are aesthetically pleasing and are a classic staple in eyewear, as seen in the simple wired frames. Wired frames in gold or steel spell elegance and simplicity.

Embellished bling

Eyewear embellished with details such as crystals of varying shapes, pearls, floral motifs are a great way to add a luxurious touch to eyewear in combining both fashion and functionality. For the magpies who love a touch of bling, these are a must-have.

Take a fresh peep at the world through these frames and brighten up the season. Be it eyewear for work or making a statement with your outfit, the stage is yours!

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