5 simple steps for DIY 3D glasses

The couch is cozy, the popcorn is hot, and you have the latest 3D movie DVD. But there’s one thing missing, your precious pair of 3D glasses. Don’t fret as we give you 5 simple steps to make your own basic 3D glasses at home, in a jiffy!

Red-and-blue 3D glasses

Follow these simple steps to get your very own Red and Blue 3D glasses:

1. Reuse an old frame or make your own

Buy a pair of cheap glasses from a nearby store or thrift shop and pop out the lenses. It might not save you much money, so the better option is to use cardstock, poster board or thick paper to make the frame.

  • A sturdy paper board can be a good option for your 3D eyeglass frames. Print the 3D frames, cut out and then trace the template onto a heavier cardstock for making your glasses

2. Cut clear plastic for the lenses

You can take just any type of plastic that is clear, so that you can easily see through it. Make sure to cut out the plastic little larger than the frames so that you have enough room to tape them or glue them together.

  • You can buy transparent sheet used for overhead projectors from an office stationary shop
  • You can get cellophane (flexible and thin plastic) which is usually used as see through windows on food packaging boxes or CD covers
  • Another option is acetate sheets/films which are easily available at any art supply store or theatrical/stage lighting store. You don’t have to colour them as they come in cyan and red colour

3. Colour the lenses

Get permanent markers in cyan and red colour from an art and craft store. You can take blue if cyan is not available.

When you colour the lenses make sure it is not inconsistent or patchy; use your fingers to smudge the colour properly. Once coloured the room should appear darker through the lens, if not then colour the other side of the lens also.

4. Cover the eyeholes along with the lenses with tape

Fix the red coloured lens over the left eye and blue/cyan over the right eye. Now, tape the lenses to the frames, making sure that the tape doesn’t go over the lenses (it would make the images look fudgy and unclear).

5. Adjusting the hue and tint of your monitor

Now, the frames and lenses are securely taped to each other and your 3D glasses are ready to be used. Put on the glasses and look at the 3D image on-screen. In case you fail to see it in 3D, adjusting the tint and hue settings of the monitor till the blue on the screen is invisible through the right eye lenses. When that happens, the onscreen images suddenly pop into 3D.

With a miniscule expenditure and too much fun, you are ready to enjoy your favourite 3D movie at home with your custom-made 3D glasses. Although meant for only the basic Red and Blue 3D technology and not the modern versions, these glasses can give you and your friends a cool DIY session followed by a 3D movie at home!

Note: If children are making the glasses, then make sure that they do it under adult supervision, as the cutting tools might be unsafe if not used with caution.

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