5 places in Delhi that nerds love

Do you like books, poetry and solace? Do you prefer to spend weekends discussing culture over a cup of coffee (or tea!) rather than go out and party in the clubs of Hauz Khas Village?

Well, by the definition of it, you’re a nerd! Being a fellow nerd, I know how difficult it is to find a quaint place to catch up on some reading or discover a place that motivates me to write! So, I went on a hunt and found some pretty amazing spots. Sharing those with you here:

1) May Day Bookstore and Cafe

This is more of a bookstore than a café, so go here if you don’t care about the food. It’s a pay-what-you-like cafe and has shelves of books that are every bookworm’s dream! Also, a popular place for political discussions and performances like the old Calcutta days (if you know what I mean), go here if you’re looking for some intellectual conversations.


Location: Shadi Khampur, West Patel Nagar
Cost for two: 200/-
Find it here: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/may-day-bookstore-cafe-west-patel-nagar-new-delhi

2) Cha Bar

A place for not just book lovers, but also for tea lovers! Centrally located in Delhi, connected to the Oxford Bookstore, quaint little place for book discussions, etcetera. Cha Bar is close to perfection. Pay a visit after college or work and relax yourself. An added advantage, they serve great food too!


Location: Outer Circle, Connaught Place
Cost for two: 500/-
Find it here: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/cha-bar-connaught-place-new-delhi

3) Kunzum Travel Cafe

A hidden gem among the loud clubs of HKV, this little cafe is another pay-as-you-like in the list. Kunzum is a perfect place for wanderers and explorers, serves some great coffee, also gives access to Wi-Fi and holds quite a good collection of travel books. Go visit this place if you want to interact with fellow travellers, share your adventure stories and who knows, you might end up making some travel plans!
Bonus: You can attend interactive talks and workshops by writers, travellers and photographers!


Location: Hauz Khas Village
Cost for two: 200/-
Find it here: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/kunzum-travel-cafe-hauz-khas-village-new-delhi

4) What A Comic Show Cafe

This is a heaven for all you comic lovers! It’s not really a book café, but credit it to their décor with all your fav superheros and comic characters adorning the walls, it just helps you ponder better during the day. Of course at night, it gets livelier with crowds pouring in and live shows. It will be quite easy to spot as it is right opposite to the IIT Delhi campus.


Location: SDA Market, Hauz Khas Enclave
Cost for two: 1,200/-
Find it here: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/what-a-comic-show-sda-new-delhi

5) Fursat Se

A cultural coffee shop, and yet another pay-as-you-like joint (they have a donation box) Fursat Se is a cafe that doesn’t really serve anything other than the time spent well. You can order food from elsewhere while you enjoy the ambience of this place. A venue that hosts poetry readings, book club meetings, painting and photography exhibitions, film screenings, comic shows and much more, this is where like-minded people come to exchange ideas.


Location: Shahpur Jat
Cost for two: 200/-

No dude, there’s no way you could sit and wait now. Hit one of these and send us a review in the comments below. We’d love to hear back from you.

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