5 most mind-boggling eyewear

I’ve always been a fan of the strange and oddities. And of course, eyewear being my favourite accessory, I had to merge the two. From the days of lorgnettes to modern-day blinkers, it was astonishing to find that the world is filled with so many bizarre eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Thanks to amazing designers and their extraordinary eyewear designs, here are 5 of the strangest eyewear.

Raise the curtains
sunglasses- raise the curtains
These fringed frames are putting the phrase ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ in the literal sense.
sunglassesIsn’t it confusing? Because technically, they are not glasses. So, what do you call them? But that’s not keeping celebrities from getting their hands on them. Berlin-based design agency, BLESS, introduced the golden fringed sunglasses. This unorthodox design will definitely take the meaning of sun protection to a whole new level.

Quirky on your cornea

colored lenses
Love something? Put it on your eyeball!
colored lenses
Contact lenses are the best alternative eyewear for those who are not fond of wearing spectacles. But for some, they are the best way to show their peculiar personality. These contact lenses are a proof that there is no limit for human creativity.
colored contact lenses
A pair of freaky contact lenses can provide you with a sense of individuality. Although these are a bit strange, they’re definitely not my favourite and I would suggest wearing them on Halloween.

The peek-a-boo eyewear
This out-of-the-world eyewear is called slanties.
Influenced by the ancient Inuit eyewear, they are handcrafted with natural wood with slits on them. It’s no surprise that they are a favourite among hipsters! They are not for me definitely, but for someone who wants to stand out.
So, what is an Inuit eyewear, you ask? Aka snow goggles – they are traditionally worn by the Inuit people of the Arctic. Customarily crafted with a piece of ivory or wood and are pierced with slits. This eyewear prevented snow blindness. The goggles fit snugly to the face so that the only light entering is through the slits which are narrow to reduce the amount of light entering.

Steampunk eyewear

Steampunk eyewear
As weird as they may look, these goggles are still vintage-cool.
Steampunk eyewear
The Steampunk culture is a creative movement with a combination of sci-fi and fantasy. The Steampunk fashion is inspired by the Victorian era and the industrial revolution with punk elements incorporated. Goggles are an essential accessory in the Steampunk culture. They are made mostly with brass and consist of intricate patterns with large, round frames and lenses. Now, this is what I call retro-chic!

Got your nose
eyewear comfort
This has got to be one of the most bizarre eyewear I’ve ever come across! Forget peculiar, it just looks painful!

eyewear nose fit

This is clearly for someone who is tired of eyeglasses constantly sliding off the bridge of their nose. Basically, the studs are implanted on the nose bridge and the eyeglasses can be screwed in through the studs. These edgy implanted eyeglasses mounting on your nose bridge sans the temples may look clever, yet creepy. To each his own, eh?
eyewear nose fit
There you go spectacles to make a spectacle of yourself. So, move aside Lady Gaga! 🙂

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