5 make-up mistakes to avoid if you’re bespectacled

It is said that there are no rules to make-up and you should wear it as you please. Make-up not only makes you feel good and confident, but also brings out a side of yours that you absolutely adore. And those tons of compliments keep your spirit high!

But there are a certain things you should remember when wearing make-up with eyeglasses ’coz who wouldn’t wanna pull off the ‘geek-chic look’!

Here are a few make-up mistakes you must avoid if you wear eyeglasses:

1) Abandon dark eye shadows

Use of the dark eye shadows or the smokey ones can really make your eyes look drained and lifeless. Instead, go with the light colours. Lighter hues would brighten your eyes behind those glasses, unless you want to look like a Panda (who’re absolutely adorable BTW!).


2) Big ‘Noooo’ to matching eye shadow with frames

It’s best to avoid use of any colour of eye shadow that even slightly matches with the color of your frame. Although, you can stay within the same undertones as your frame color to achieve a bright and lively look.


3) Mascara on your lower lashes

Usually, applying mascara on your lower lashes is a little tricky, especially when you’re wearing glasses and for sure we know, the card hack never works.
Your frames can cast a shadow on an already dark part of your face (the under-eye), so the dark bottom lashes will make you look drowsy!


4) Stop missing out the eyebrows

If you are among those who don’t really fill in your eyebrows, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life! They can make or break your look.
Cara Delevingne, who was actually responsible for a surge in brow popularity, made every look effortless with her brow game going strong! Fill in your brows using a pencil or powder as they can really make your eyes pop from behind those glasses. Brows on fleek? Yes, please!


5) You neglect your base

We spend too much time perfecting our eye make-up that we forget about the most important thing – our base make-up. Whether you’re a matte or a dewy person, it is extremely important to have a perfect base while wearing glasses.
Yeah, your glasses emphasize your eyes, hence, you’d think that you should concentrate on your eye make-up than anything else, but that’s where we go wrong! To achieve a dewy, sun-kissed skin, try mixing your foundation with a highlighter and apply evenly and you’d turn into a glowing goddess in an instant!


We often treat make-up as a means of covering up, rather than bringing out (which isn’t the right way to go). Use your glasses to your advantage to enhance the features. Experiment with your looks, make your own rules and be your boss!

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