5 innovative ways to store your eyewear

What you wear is a reflection of who you are. Accessories play an integral part in defining us. Trust me those sunnies do give a sneak peek into your life.

That is exactly why it is a great idea to use these accessories as elements of aesthetics in your home to give your walls a more personalized touch. Moreover, you know you have a truckload of them and storage becomes a big problem.


Whatever be the reason behind it, here are some creative ideas on how to use your huge collection of sunnies to decorate your home! Funky, traditional, dainty – take a pick and we have ideas for ‘em all!

1. Into the Woods

Hanging these pieces of beauty from a branch using thin ropes or cords is a great idea to give your room a natural look.
You can either hang them on the branch or glue two sturdy branches to the wall and support your sunnies on them. Either way, the branch and the twine will give your room a ‘woody’ look, and you get to flaunt your sunnies in the most natural way!


2. Shades Bucket Challenge

Another creative way to decorate your place with your shades is to stack them in a little bucket. You can hang the buckets on the wall or place them on a shelf or cabinet.
You can also decorate the bucket with fairy lights and make a shining-soothing night light out of it, or just paint it with your favourite polka dots and give it a retro look. In any case, you can just toss your shades in them and never lose a pair!


3. Mirror Tray, Mirror Tray, Which One Should I Pick Today?

This one is by far the most glamorous way to display your babies. A beautiful, antique mirrored tray, and those sunnies flashing in it, creates a spectacular sight in the living room. You can leave it as plain as you want, or decorate it traditionally, all up to you! It will anyway be the best part of your room!


4. Frame it up

Tired of wall hangings and those typical Romantic Era paintings? Try displaying your sunglasses in an empty frame on light strings or wires. Treat them like a work of art, (which they truly are for every lover out there) and phase out that old painting, replacing it with the modern Picasso.


5. Re-assign Duties

Don’t you love it when you can get really creative with the minimum amount of glue and without much hassle? Here’s a way to do just that. It is time to rethink what your cloth hanger can do? Assign a different task.
Decorate your cloth hanger with a ribbon or paint it your favourite hue and now you’ve a brand new way to show off your sunnies! It is easy and looks really dainty. Moreover, you can now push off for a walk or for a party without wasting much time. How blissful and convenient!


Now you know what to do when you have way too many goggles and you don’t know how to store them.

This way the shades are perfectly stacked, and they also contribute in adding to the aesthetic value of your room, instead of being dumped in a corner inside your cupboard.

So bring out your creative self, and let the sunny side up!

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