5 iconic characters and their big league sunglasses

“If you are good at something, never do it for free” if JOKER is hovering over your mind after reading this, then congratulations! You’ve made it to the movie-buff club.

Some movies are exclusive because of their unique characters, and some characters stand out because of their iconic possessions.

You can never imagine Thor without his Mjölnir (The hammer).


Or Jack Sparrow without his hat and him not asking for the ‘Captain’!


The characters would lose all the charm and not leave an impact on our memory. I’ve come up with a list of some iconic characters from movies, which are incomplete without sunglasses and they totally nail the look!

1. Who else do you think can top the list when we have Agent K and Agent J? Anybody out there not fascinated by these Men In Black.


Not just for kicking alien’s bottoms, Agent K and Agent J are also remembered for their black suits and black Ray-Bans!

Fun Fact: The pug in MIB travels in business class, sleeps on a luxurious bed, and eats specially prepared steak, chicken. He only drinks bottled water. He’s a VIP!

giphy (1)

2. The constant emotional struggle between the need for stability and desire for freedom is perhaps the central concern in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. But, Holly’s goggles are culturally, historically and aesthetically significant.

giphy (2)

She has a lot of male admirers, drawn to her innocence, her charming irresponsible nature. Donning a pair of Oliver Goldsmith, this had to happen, No wonders!

giphy (3)

Fun Fact: ‘Moon River’ was written specifically for this film by Henry Mancini and was selected as fourth most memorable song in Hollywood history by the American Film Institute in 2004.

3. This list cannot be complete without Bond… James Bond.

Over the years, James Bond has been flaunting various sunglasses. Do they depict eras? Or is it a personal statement? I think it’s more than style statement evolved over the years. Like the call of the character!

giphy (4)

Countless actors have played the popular 007 hero, but the debonair and masculine character remained the same. The sleek suits and sunglasses give him his tough, yet polished ‘The Spy’ look.


Fun Fact: On average, Bond has a drink every 10 minutes, 53 seconds. Some goals there too 😉

4. Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle created what is, perhaps, one of the most famous detectives worldwide. What sets Sherlock Holmes apart from other detectives is his speed, intelligence and influential words. Other than his mental traits, the hat and the round sunglasses!


Sunglasses give him the clever, intelligent and enigmatic look! Madness and brilliance don’t often coincide.


Fun Fact: Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed literary human character on TV.

5. Unless you have been living on a different planet, or were just too young to remember, I’m sure you must have seen Terminator at least once.

giphy (5)

Sunglasses give him the tough and sturdy look and of course help to hide the red glow in his Robotic eyes. Without them, the robot is just the robot, not the TERMINATOR.

Fun Fact: Terminator had a budget of $6.4 million, not a very large amount! It went on making $40 million in the U.S. and around $80 million worldwide.


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