5 gifts that’ll delight your chashmish friends

We all have chashmish friends who have the habit of fixing their glasses slipping from their nose.


And the other set of fashionista friends who like to use trendy eyewear, frequently buy sunnies and even love to play with their eye colours (use contact lenses, I mean!).


So, as friends it becomes our responsibility to gift them things they prefer. Not only because they’ll love it, but also because it’ll be useful and they don’t have to dump your gift in a corner of the house.

1. Colourful cases for glasses


I know we all get the brand labelled cases with our sunglasses/eyeglasses. But, let’s face it! They’re boring! Everything that you carry must define you, and that should be the case with the glasses covers too. Buy some prints and bright colours and add a pinch of cuteness in their lives!

2. Beaded retainers


Gone are the days when our parents would strap these on our specs and around our necks ‘coz we’d keep falling and breaking our eyeglasses. And those ones were really crappy coloured (mostly black/brown) threads, aka retainers.
Well, the magic wand of fashion didn’t forget the retainers. The new version is classy and cool. The beaded and colourful strings and thin leather cut straps are something you’d want to gift those buddies who still forget their glasses. Totally fashionable!

3. Nosie stuff


You wear them so much that putting them back in the case, every time you take them off, is such a task! And if you place them on the table top without any protection, they’d get scratched. Let’s help you address this problem of your bespectacled friend. Gift this nose stand, which will safely hold the glasses for as long as you want. And, it’s convenient to carry it around too.

4. Contact Lens kit


These cute little boxes are a compact kit of mirror, tweezers, lens cases and solution bottle. These are sure to solve a lot of hassles for the one who regularly wears contact lenses. Going for a weekend getaway? Throw away that extra load of solution bottle baggage when you can have it here. This all-in-one is cuteness overload!

5. Screwdriver for eyewear adjustment


Well, for those who mess with their eyeglasses or sunglasses and manage to either damage them or loosen the temple hinges, this can be a perfect gift. Keep this handy screwdriver to adjust and tighten the screws of your eyewear. This will help you keep your favourite sunny go a little while longer.

Gift something different and not the regular tees, shirts, lip-colours, bags and ties to your friends. Pick according to what they like and they’ll love it even more. You can also pamper yourself.

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