5 eye-candies all women should own

Glasses make faces!

Haven’t we talked enough about this? 🙂

One can never go wrong with a smart eyewear! No matter if you are having a bad hair day or if you are feeling a little underdressed for the occasion, a stylish eyewear will always come to your rescue. We doinvest a lot in dresses, shoes & bagsbut end up pairing it all up with our regular pair of eyewear.

girls eyeglasses

Have you ever thought of owning multiple pairs to go with different looks?I personally like to have a pair for when I am stepping out for a stroll in the park, one for when I am going out for shopping or movie with friends and a different one for when the occasion is a little formal. Afterall, why stick to a single style when there are so many trends in eyewear to experiment with.


From a pair of fashion sunglasses in a shape that suits you the most, to a pair in bold colour, you can also add on to your collection of ‘eye-candies’ with an eyewear in an eccentric frame or a textured frame – Here’s a list of 5 must have eyewear all women should own:

#1: Most important!You must own a pair of fashion sunglasses. A pair that suits your face shape and is inspired by latest celebrity looks.

women sunglasses

#2: A pair of eyeglasses to accompany you to all your casual outings and once again you can take inspiration from latest celebrity looks with eyeglasses on.


#3:Frames in daring colours to jazz up your dull days.

trendy eyeglasses

trendy eyeglasses 1

#4: Textured& patterned framesfor that extra oomph.

pt girl glasses

#5: Out of the box frames to quirk up your looks.


So, ladies gone are the days when the same pair of eyewear could be your savior. Now it is time to add up to your eyewear collection with these must have eye accessories!

Tell us if you have more must-haves on your list.

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