5 celebs who rock coloured contacts

In a world of rapidly changing trends, it is a rare delight to change the colour of the eyes (iris) to suit your fancy. Prescription or non-prescription lenses are now available to amp up your personal make-over whenever you want it. Although the colour of the eyes are largely determined by genetics and biological inheritance, there is no holding back now if you fancy a different colour for your eyes.
This trend is taking the world by storm and here are a few stars that have made it a staple in their stylish lives. Blue, green, hazel, grey whatever the mood, these celebs have made sure they shine brighter with these colours in their eyes.

Kylie Jenner

We begin with Instagram giant King Kylie whose natural brown eyes are such a mesmerizing colour on their own. Kylie has always been a massive influence in setting up new trends and this is another no-brainer. When the first Insta picture came up, folks had to check more than twice to make sure it was Kylie herself. Then she took her fans into frenzy by trying out a whole lot of colours and making a kaleidoscope of her eyes.

Jennifer Aniston

Almost everyone’s favourite ‘FRIEND(S)’ is known to switch-up between different looks and colours of contact lenses as often as she likes. Her early life pictures trace that she is a brunette with brown eyes. Soon after having her hair dyed honeycomb with sun-kissed highlights, she began using pairs of blue and green lenses to be the new stunner, in order to match her new image.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie started her career in 1982 with the movie Lookin’ to Get Out as a child artist. The colour of her eyes is visibly blue owing to her unique ancestry. The actress is noted for her ability to get into the skin of every character she plays. One of the recent and remarkable looks is from Disney’s Maleficent where she plays the title role of this beautiful witch whose heart has been broken by a friend she once trusted. The versatility with which she changes her eye colour in movies and events has left many wondering what her actual eye colour is.

Selena Gomez

Singer- Actor Selena Gomez’s beautiful chocolate brown eye colour can be credited to her Mexican-Latino ancestry. The actress was noted for a switch in her natural eye colour to a steely blue at a Victoria’s Secret event where she performed her number ‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’. She credited her inspiration to wear blue eye lenses to Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima who is her favourite and has naturally icy blue eyes. She made her transformation complete for the event attempting to channel the VS Angels’ looks replete with the tan, blow out and complete the look with the most important aspect – the eye colour.

Priyanka Chopra

Our desi girl with the beautiful brown eyes also flaunts a lighter eye colour such as from time- to- time. She has been quoted to change her eye colour depending on the characters she has to portray and to channel them for events related to them.

For celebrities it is a matter of how frequently they need to change their eye colour, depending on the persona they have to create for on-screen or off screen events. Although performance arts make use of this as a prop, there is no reason why anyone else cannot try out this groovy trend that can totally metamorphose a person’s look.
It is easy to see how one small change can have such a dramatic effect on one’s visage. It has the ability lend an entirely new persona to the wearer. So, don’t wait, and lay your hands on your fav colour for your eyes here. In no time, you could get extremely experimental!

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