5 Acupressure points to improve your vision

Eyes, as William Shakespeare once said, are the ‘window to your soul’. Whether it’s emotional, physical or psychological, our eyes reflect the state of our being, not withstanding the fact that they are our ‘windows to the world’.

It’s imperative for us to make sure that our eyes remain healthy for the longest time and to maintain them takes just a bit of special effort. It’s not only a good diet, regular check-ups, which can help one maintain healthy eyes, there are alternate therapies which can help too.

One of them is Acupressure. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Acupressure is the application of pressure (as with the thumbs or fingertips) to the same discrete points on the body for its therapeutic effects”.

Here, we bring you 5 fundamental healing points for restoring freshness in your eyes:

1) Third eye

Known as the power acupressure point, applying pressure on the third eye is very effective in relieving headaches and alleviating eye health. The point lies exactly in the middle of eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose. Use the thumb to gently massage the point for 6 minutes and feel your stress gently melting away and a deep sense of relaxation taking over not only your eyes but your whole body.

2) Nostril points

Applying pressure on the edge of you nostrils can help with sinus, headache and hazy vision. Using the index finger, gently apply pressure and massage simultaneously using both the hands. Identify the points with help of the picture above, apply mild pressure and experience clear vision and also get rid of that nagging headache.

3) Tips of Thumbs

If pressure is applied on the thumb tips, it relaxes the neck muscles, which are connected to the eyes. It indirectly helps in relaxing the eye muscles which in turn aids clearer vision. The healing point can be found exactly on the tip of the thumb and can be located with the help of the picture above. Sit in a relaxed position and massage the tip of one thumb with the other and vice-a-versa.

4) Around the eyes

Acupressure points around the eyes are quite helpful in relieving from constant headache, relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles and improving the vision. Use index finger and thumb of each hand to apply uniform pressure and gently massage. The 3 minutes exercise each day can be a great tool to relax and de-stress after a hectic day.

5) Toe point

Gentle pressure on tips of the toes is known to help with many eye ailments. Use your thumbs to apply mild pressure on the toes and massage them gently. Using thumb-walking, a technique using the thumb to put mild pressure in a caterpillar motion can also improve blood circulation.

These simple yet effective tips can be your instant stress-busters and if practised regularly you can enjoy better vision and better eye health. Take out ten minutes from your busy schedules for your precious eyes!

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