4 things you must do with your eyes at night

Everyday we are faced with the challenge to go out, do something great, and conquer the world. Be it a sunny bright morning or a freezing cold day, like a warrior in the battle field, we don’t care about the circumstances in the backdrop. We get done what was supposed to be done and retreat with triumph craving for our loving bed. BUT WAIT! I see that you have taken your night-time routine and relieved and regenerated your hair and skin but what about the night-time routine for your eyes?

Shouldn’t your eyes get some pampering as well so that your specsy self can start tomorrow feeling all fresh and rejuvenated?  If you don’t know how to, we have your back.

1. Cool it off!

This one is summer special. The most basic and easy way to make your eyes feel fresh and cool is a splash of cold water directly into the eyes. However there are other ways both with the help of products as well as home based materials

– Eye Gel Masks

Gel mask is the perfect example of science in your pocket. It can be used as both hot and cold depending on the weather or your need. For cooling effect, just refrigerate it and then put it on your eyes for around 20 mins and it will aid you in a soothing and relaxing sleep. It is also very good for power naps as well and helps in reducing puffy eyes.

– Natural cold compress

After a tough day at work, a cold compress could feel like a kiss from heaven. And you would be surprised to know about the objects that can be used for this purpose. Cucumber has always been the first thing that pops into our mind, however sliced potato, tea bag or even a washcloth dipped in cold water or wrapped in frozen veggies. Just refrigerate the item of your choice for 10-20 mins and place in on your eyes.

2. Massage it away

When you remove your specs after a long day, your nose and side of your forehead can get impressions of your specs which can even deepen into indents. It is essential that your massage the area every night as a part of eye routine. You can use Almond oil, tomatao and aloe-vera for the purpose. Both of them help in providing the necessary moisture to the affected area and nourish it thereby.

– For almond oil: – Take a few drops on your finger tips and gently massage the area, slowly rolling your fingers around your eyes, on the nose and around your temples

– For aloe-vera: Take an aloe vera and squish it with your nails to get the aloe-vera extract. Apply it on the affected area

– For tomato: Take a tomato slice and gently rub it around the side of your forehead and nose.

Wash your face properly after massaging to get rid of the remains.

3. The rosewater treatment

Rose water has been our companion since the time of our grandmothers and is a blessing in disguise for the skin as well as for the eyes. There are many ways to use it. Either take a cotton ball dipped in rose water and rest in on your eye for 5 mins or you can eye take a few drops on your fingers to and massage your eyelids. There are even rosewater sprays which can be sprayed directly on the eyes. You can also use it as eyedrops and cleanse your eyes off the day’s dirt.

Plus Point: No need to wash your face when you are done.

4. Night Eye creams

There is a sea of night eye creams out there. They help in reducing dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. It is definitely a good idea to include a good night eye cream in your night eye routine. So after applying your night face cream, go ahead and squeeze the tube on your finger to get a good amount. Then tend to your eyes covering the under eye area and eyelids.

And Voila! We are done. Use any of the above mentioned ways so that your eyes don’t feel left out and get the needed rest and love. Make sure you don’t ignore the ‘routine part’ of the night eye routine and follow it everyday so that your eyes wake up feeling as fresh and rejuvenated as you do.



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