4 new movies that redefine iconic eyewear

Movies have an ingenious way of taking us on to a whole different realm of imagination. Eyewear worn by characters in movies is often a focal point of the persona actors take on and become iconic inspirations for fans. Harry Potter, The Matrix and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are namely a few where the names immediately strike us for the novelty of their eyewear.
Read on to take a look at a few movies that are making similar waves.

Kingsman (The Secret Service, the Golden Circle)

The Kingsman movies have elevated the status of the secret spy to a whole new level. It has revived the way a gentleman’s wardrobe is built replete with the well-tailored suit, umbrella, hat, and the most important element – eyeglasses.

We see a variety of eyewear in these movies that are staples of the characters. The secret agents Harry Hart played by versatile British actor Colin Firth and ‘Iggsy’ Gary Urwin played by Welsh actor, Taron Egerton wear Cutler and Gross signature square frames that is distinctive of their identities in the movie in. Merlin, the tech-wizard of the Kingsman sports a club master frame that he is never seen without.
Eyewear has always been a versatile choice in movies for incorporating intelligent interactive weapons and gadgets.
From custom made suits and accessories, spy movies have been pivotal in including tech and weapons discreetly into clothing or accessories. Kingsman does this at an impressive new level in their eyewear which has a sharp, classic and intelligent look.

The Darkest Hour

2018 Oscar Winner for best Actor Gary Oldman underwent several hours of prosthetic make-up application to transform into British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill in the World War II drama, The Darkest Hour.

The iconic round owlish tortoiseshell glasses worn by the actor complete the process of transforming into the protagonist. Churchill’s glasses were bespoke and sourced from C.W. Dixey & Son, London and his signature reading glass style eyewear were made by them. Churchill’s idiosyncratic peer through his glasses is deftly portrayed by Gary Oldman.
The glasses are emblematic of the one of the greatest orators in world history.
The movie features Winston Churchill in gripping narration of the four intense weeks in 1940 where the newly appointed Prime Minister of Britain had the mettle to make pivotal decisions came to change the course of history.


Can you think of Tony Stark, the Ironman and not think of his eyewear and how he pulls them off so coolly every single time? The Ironman is noted in all Marvel movies including his latest appearance in Captain America Civil War and Spider-man homecoming, for an unmatched flamboyance in everything he does.

The two toned sunglasses, polished silver square frames and rectangle aviators in tortoiseshell finish are few of the many seen in the recent movies.
His penchant for outstanding performance in all situations is almost always reflected in his selective eyewear that more that often is more than just a style statement in his wardrobe.

Mission Impossible

The mere mention of the name and it is impossible to not think of Tom Cruise in definitive eyewear in the background of big explosions and gravity defying stunts saving the world from near apocalyptic catastrophes.

Goggles like Wayfarers, Rectangular aviators, square shaped metal frames, classic pilot aviators, Oakley Romeo, Oakley Windbreakers and simple oval shaped eyeglasses are namely a few of the many Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has sported across these movies.
From the first movie Mission Impossible in 1996 which was a blockbuster hit and the subsequent sequels up to the latest Mission Impossible: Fallout, slated for release in July 2018, this movie franchise has never failed to impress at many levels, and especially in the eyewear department.
Tom Cruise is an evergreen inspiration for men’s sunglasses.
Before social media took over our world by storm, movies were the main trendsetters. In today’s world of swiftly changing trends, it is often hard to retain an impression for too long on the world.
However, such good movies have the ability to provide inspiration and the possibility of looking back again and again when we need some.

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