4 hottest looks for this hot season

The temperature is scorching and we are all heading off to the coastal areas to blow off some steam and enjoy the cool blue water. But, what are we wearing? This is the million dollar question that women, men and even the kids are battling out in their heads. You see, after all fashion is or everyone!

Worry not! We’ve got you covered for your beachwear. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax and accessorize your beachwear with the perfect pair of sunglasses!

Abstract & Neons 

Abstract & Neons

The beach is all about comfy clothes paired with the brightest shades of neon that ensure you look like the outstanding fashionista! Make no mistake with this one. 😉

half frame sunglasses

Bronzed & hunky

Bronzed & hunky

For the men, just a pair of cool printed shorts won’t do. Team it with a slick pair of shades like these and you’re good to go. Fair warning: You might be termed as eye candy. So try at your own risk! 


Cute & bright 

kids sungglasses

Pink and orange are a little girl’s best friends and when they are teamed together, it’s cuteness personified.

chotta bheem sunglasses

Boyish charm

kid sunglasses

Boys will be boys in all their mischievous ways. Pair his white printed shorts with a pair of sunglasses in black frames and red temples. There is no questioning how adorable he would look.

Cute Kid Boy Walking The Sea Beach

So, now you may take a print out of this post and stick it on the top of your closet just so you know you are getting your beachwear style right this summer.

Remember, the only way to give the heat a miss is to ensure you look your coolest best! 😉

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