3 easy DIY ideas to add bling to your party outfits

Who says sunglasses are just meant to be worn under the sun? Wouldn’t it be better if we use a pair of shades to make an entrance to a party? Get inspired, get crafty and create some cool pieces to jazz up that party outfit!

Keeping that is mind, we’ve come up with 3 super easy, super fun DIYs (inspired by some chic celebs) to use all that glitter and bling to sparkle your old (or new) sunglasses!

1) Classic Pearls

The thing with pearls is – that they are classy as well as glamorous. So follow the given steps to jazz up your party outfit with some chic pearly sunglasses!

You will need –

  • A pair of black aviator sunglasses (non-metal rim)
  • White pearls of different sizes
  • Fevikwik


Step 1 – Put a drop of fevikwik on the rim of the sunglasses for each pearl you stick.


Step 2 – Go around the rim sticking pearls of different sizes. (Go creative here; add different colour if you want!)


Step 3 – Once you’re done, leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes.


Step 4 – And voila! Your Pearl Sunglasses are ready to be worn.


P.S. These pearl sunglasses are inspired from Rihanna’s sophisticated-yet-fierce look!


2) Rhinestone Bling

Bling is in – this pair will make any dull outfit sparkle at the party! And this DIY is super easy and so much fun – just get some old shades that need that sparkle.

You will need –

  • A pair of black cat-eye sunglasses
  • Clear rhinestones
  • Fevikwik


Step 1 – Apply fevikwik on the upper-rim of the frames to stick the rhinestones.


Step 2 – Go around the upper-rim sticking the rhinestones in one line. (You can use different shapes as well – go artistic!)


Step 3 – Go on adding rhinestones wherever you have missed – don’t forget the bridge and the temples of the sunglasses.


Step 4 – Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes when you are done.


Step 5 – And it’s done! Your rhinestone sunglasses are ready to rock any party.


P.S. We took inspiration from Miranda Kerr’s adorable selfie for these rhinestone sunglasses!


3 ) Glitter Sizzle

You will need –

  • A pair of black cat-eye sunglasses
  • Powder glitter in the colour of your choice
  • Tape
  • Glue


Step 1 – Apply tape on the sunglasses in a way that only the upper-rim is bare.



Step 2 – Apply glue on the upper-rim of the goggles covering all the parts you want to make glittery.


Step 3 – Lay a napkin on your workstation to reduce the mess.


Step 4 – Cover the sunglasses with glitter!


Step 5 – Leave it to dry for at least an hour (Trust me; it will be worth the wait!).


Step 6 – Remove the tape carefully from the sunglasses and clean the lens.



Step 7 – Your glitter sunglasses are ready!


P.S. These glitter sunglasses are inspired from Jennifer Lopez’s oh so hot look!


With these simple-yet-vogue DIYs, we’ve got you covered for your next party!
No worries you can thank me later!

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