3 accessories your eyewear must have

Oh, spring! The best time to grab a bit of sunshine and a pair of seriously slick eyewear. And, if you’re anything like a fashion girl (or boy), we’re sure you would love a new pair in your armory. And why not, who does not want a quick face-based upgrade. Not in the mood to wear makeup? Put on those rad eyeglasses and Snapchat anyway! Too bright while driving? Grab them sick sunglasses! Packing up your vacation essentials? A chic eyewear is a must! There are so many reasons (read excuses) to build your eyewear collection.

But with so many pairs around, where do you keep them or how do you take care of each of them? You don’t? Wha-aa-t!

Guys, they deserve a better home than the shabby bottom of your drawer or a drowning pocket of your tote, remember these beauties help you flaunt your impeccable style? How can you leave it like that anywhere?

Now is the time to give your coolest accessory an accessory of its own. Something that is as cool as your eyewear, great in style and functional to the core. And, in case, you are on a lookout for a better home for them, we are here to help!

Read on, to know the sassiest things you can buy to keep your eyewear safe and protected. Mind you; these things are exclusive, don’t get star stuck already.

Goodbye boring cases, hello you beauty! Whether you are Specsy or sunny-bunny, everyone needs a pair or two (or three) eyewear. Face it guys; a rad case is any day better than your back pocket to hold your eyewear. So, invest in a case that helps you keep up with a trend and provide utmost protection. This boho owl print case is our pick for the season – what about you?

Link: http://www.lenskart.com/lenskart-tiny-owl-pink-yellow-sunglass-case-contents-one-case-one-selvet.html?omniIndex=6

All you Specsy out there! Looking for something that can hold your eyeglasses when you are up to something? Invest in an eyewear stand! Now, no more keeping your glasses below your pillow or in your books, when you have an exclusive eyeglass stand with you. Our pick you ask?  We heart this nose eyewear stand!

Link: http://www.lenskart.com/eyeglass-stand-copper.html?omniIndex=27

It is the constant struggle of all contact lenses wearers to keep their contact lenses case safe and in place. We blame that boring white and blue box for this! Get your contact lenses a new home with cute and totally adorable lens kit that can hold mini solution bottles, a picker, and your beloved contact lenses. What else do you need, fella? Oh and our pick, this cutesy I-am-specsy-and-I-know-it lens kit!

Link: http://www.lenskart.com/lenskart-a-8079-cool-eye-pink-contact-lens-kit-1-picker-1-solutions-bottle-lens-case-outer-box.html?omniIndex=0


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