12 Instagram worthy looks for 2014

I said hello to 2014 with a new pair of glasses, a new dress, a new look & a New Year’s bash with my closest friends.


While I sat in front of the mirror styling my hair with a curling rod in my hand, admiring my new eyeglasses, my hands itched to pick up my phone & Instagram some oomphy clicks of the year. Click click click! Do some edits, add effects, post on the profile! Light bulb moment’!

My brain popped out a brilliant idea or should I say ‘new’ idea! Sorry for over using the word but after all it is the New Year! (Feeling Excited) 😀

john jacobs black eyeglasses

What’s so great about my ‘new’ idea?

I bring to you the 12 Instagram worthy looks of 2014

(Thank me later, bro!)

Look 1

The Suave Stylish Soul

John jacobs black red purple switcher eyeglasses

Look 2

The Multi-Tasker

john jacobs reflex red white brown switcher eyeglasses

Look 3

Wearing a man’s pants

ERROR!!! Unisex glasses… Psst! You know what I mean… 😉

john jacobs reflex red white brown switcher eyeglasses

Look 4

Love for Minimals + Rimless glasses = more ‘face’ value

john jacobs matte black dark blue eyeglasses

Look 5

You run the world! (Do I have to say more?)

john jacobs grey brown black switcher eyeglasses

Look 6

Everyday is not the same day.

john jacobs matte black eyeglasses

Look 7

Retro Return – Attention stealers’ Wayfarersjohn jacobs black wayfarer eyeglasses

Look 8

Watchout ‘coz the Cat is out! – The Feline Cateyes

john jacobs tortoise coco cat eye womens eyeglasses

Look 9

So Chic-y – The thick rectangles

john jacobs black eyeglasses

Look 10

Partying the night away – The square job

john jacobs grey black eyeglasses

Look 11

Kicking with you – The rectangular cousins

john jacobs tortoise eyeglasses

Look 12

Let’s Boogie! – The oversized block-like square specs

john jacobs black eyeglasses

Love what you wear and do what you like. Try out these Holy Grail looks with half rimmed, retro, rimless, square, rectangle & wayfarer eyeglasses this year and I bet you will be sorted. Don’t forget to Instagram, and tag Lenskart.

Here’s your style blogger signing off for some Instagram moments.


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