10 ‘shady’ celebs at Wimbledon 2016

With the arrival of summers in London, arrives the Wimbledon championship, one of the most prestigious events of the year. With   Rafael Nadal not participating and Novak Djokovic knocked out, Tennis fans are left wondering if Andy Murray’s recent win at Queen’s is a sign of things to come!

But again, we have Roger Federer to take care of the competition.

Amid the zeal for who will settle for what! Wimbledon attracts the usual spectators and they have been spotted slaying heat with their summer outfits and classic sunnies.

# Prince William and Kate Middleton

kate and prince

Duchess of Cambridge never ceases to amaze the world with her perfect outfits for various occasions. She was seen donning sophistication in form of a red dress and brown Wayfarers with prince Williams following her with his black Wayfarers. Ah! Couple goals!

# Bradley Cooper

In his backward hat, jogging track suit, blue polarized reflectors  and a toothpick struggling out of his mouth, he looked like he had nothing else to commit to, except cheering up for “Roger Federer”.

# David Beckham

david bechkam

David gives us a two-step guide to being sporty and chic concurrently, Aviators and neatly tailored suits!

# Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour, American vogue editor, is known for her attachment with tennis. She was spotted flaunting her blue Chanel dress paired with black Wayfarers.

#Kim Murray

kim m


Her expressions proclaim it all! From “ouch” to “yeah”, we have everything there. Apart from her expressions, the cat eye frame paired with the blue printed dress made her stand out.

# Mirka Federer

mirka federer

With the look that never retires; leather jacket in association with sporty aviators, she seems pretty confident on Federer having the place.

# Sienna Miller

sienna final

When it comes to combinations, nothing can vanquish the magic of red and black. Sienna teamed up the red Burberry dress with black Wayfarers and killed the heat with style.

# Dominic Cooper


Tennis is a handsome game, more polished than hockey or football. Being ahead of the game trend, Dominic Cooper appears in polished attire with navy blue suits and black Wayfarers.

# Cliff Richard


The “Rock n Roll” legend was seen in green framed aviators matching his green blazers, giving a refreshed look.

# Pippa Middleton

pippa final

Ah! White floral dress and tortoise sunglasses, Middleton sisters continue to give summer goals to the world!

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