Instagrammers who are ‘killing it’ with Lenskart

Ah, Instagram! Thou art the crème de la crème of them all!

Can we just take a moment to thank Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for bestowing us with this killer app? We bet most of you don’t even want to look back on the years sans Instagram.

Social media has taken the world by storm. Thanks to the multiple options, the world of fashion has taken a giant leap. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, the world of marketing has improved on so many levels (which we won’t bore you with).

What we absolutely love about Instagram is that it has become a platform for so many rising stars to showcase their talents and creativity.

Influencers all around the globe, through their diligence, originality, artistry and influence, are the reason that so many e-retailers, whether startups or reputed ones, are ameliorating at a fast pace.

At Lenskart, we couldn’t be more happy and proud of our devoted followers who have loved and proudly showcased our products.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Now, this is how androgyny is sophisticatedly done! This metallic rectangular pair of eyeglasses from Vincent Chase perfectly complement the minimalist outfit.


We spy with our little eyes a mini Nick Jonas. How adorbs is Edwin Kubzar in his Vincent Chase squares topped with his matching gray ascot hat and blazer! We are so digging the nerd look. Hats off to him!


Audrey Hepburn sure said it. Happy girls sure are the prettiest. With her million dollar smile Aanchal Trivedi captivates us all. In this picture, she single-handedly showcases how versatile teardrop-shaped goggles are. The neutral-toned outfit chicly harmonizes with the golden-grey Vincent Chase aviator-style sunnies.


Never has ‘twinning’ been done so perfectly as this pic. We can’t help but be jealous of this perfect ‘couple goals’ picture. What we absolutely love about this picture is those smiles. The cherry on top, for us, are the John Jacob brown tints flawlessly complemented with minimal outfits.


‘Chic’ is how we sum up this capture, in one word. Arlene Vernon nailed the perfect vintage pin-up look in this shot, with her puff ponytail and Vincent Chase cat-eyes.


Winter has come and gone but our appreciation for this candid shot of Yash Katyal is forever. We are in love with the round John Jacobs tortoiseshell pattern glasses flamboyantly paired with the black coat and denims.


The bibliophile in us couldn’t not add this to our list. The Vincent Chase tortoiseshell pattern round spectacles topped with the tartan plaid shirt and the innocent smile just had us all.


Bollywood hunk Vicky Kaushal sure knows how to nail the biker look to the T. Was there ever a time when aviator-shaped goggles didn’t go with leather jackets? We think not!


Brown hair and brown cat-eyes –now that’s a killer combination.  Kiran Khokhar never fails to wow us.


And last but definitely not the least, a very fresh look from Hitesh Rai. Slick hair? Check. Windowpane coat? Check. White shirt? Check. Square-style sunglasses? Check. Ladies –all the boxes are ticked.

Be inspired by these Instagrammers and be your own influencer. Now you know where to get the trendiest eyewear. You know what to do. Ciao for now!

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